Golden Palace VIP Program

Golden Palace is a top online casino that offers a 100% customized VIP program.  The Golden Palace VIP program does not have any tiers like most programs but it is personalized to the players’ interests and loyalty.  Players who spend more time enjoying the exciting games at Golden Palace are privy to bigger and better promotions, rewards and bonuses.  Players will also earn comp points when they place real money bets.  The VIP program is always evolving and players will only receive rewards that they are interested in as personal VIP account managers work diligently to get to know players on a personal level. 

Experience Tailored Rewards at the Golden Palace VIP Program

Members of the Golden Palace VIP program will receive personal VIP offers, promotions and bonuses.  There are no blanketed offers or rewards at this VIP program – the bonuses are based solely on individual player performance.  Players who are at the top of the VIP program will enjoy the best possible rewards which may include potential special promotions, bonuses, invites to VIP-only events, luxury prizes and more.  However, all members of the VIP program will enjoy generous bonuses and rewards.  While there is no set VIP status structure, players who wager more and play more at Golden Palace will receive more rewards than casual casino players. 

The Rewards are Endless at the Golden Palace VIP Club

In addition to the unique VIP program, players will also earn comp points for the real money wagers they place.  Players can earn comp points on all real money games and these points can be converted to cash rewards.  On top of all this, a select group of players will also receive a special bonus prize every single week.  In order to collect this prize, players must be playing at the time of the drawing.  The more often players enjoy their favourite games at Golden Palace, the better chance they have of winning the special bonus prize. 

All players at Golden Palace can earn comp points and all are eligible for the special weekly bonus prize but for even better rewards players should set their sights on the Golden Palace VIP program.  There is no information on the website about the VIP program because it is 100% personalized to every player.  When the casino takes note of a particular player’s loyalty and dedication, they will invite the player to the VIP program.  VIP members will immediately be eligible for a wide range of exciting rewards based on their interests. 

Rake in the Cash as a Golden Palace VIP

VIP account managers are dedicated to providing top players with the best possible rewards.  There is really no telling what rewards are available to VIP players – the possibilities are endless and the VIP program is constantly changing to offer the best possible prizes and rewards.  The personal VIP account managers are always in constant with their VIP clients in order to determine the best possible rewards for every member of the VIP program.

Potential Rewards from the Golden Palace VIP Program

The rewards may vary as they are based on individual players but some potential rewards include:

  • Special gifts
  • Vacation packages
  • Faster withdrawal times
  • Higher comp point to cash conversion rate
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • VIP promotions and bonuses
  • Entry into special VIP only events

Summary of the Golden Palace VIP Program

The nature of the Golden Palace VIP program makes this casino very rewarding to dedicated players.  Many VIP programs simply reward players with the same prizes but Golden Palace bases their entire VIP program on the interests of their players.  This means players will only receive rewards that they truly want and they will continue to receive better rewards the more they play at Golden Palace.