Casino VIP High Rollers

High Rollers

Imagine this: You return from another successful night at your favorite casino. You park your Aston Martin in your spacious garage, next to your red Porsche, and take a private elevator straight to the 3rd floor of your 20-bedroom home. You go to bed but before you peacefully fall asleep you consider your traveling options for tomorrow's trip abroad – will you take the yacht or the private jet?

Yes, some people live this way. They are called high rollers, or casino whales, and they make a fortune playing the best casinos or online casinos and winning vast amounts of money. So what choices do these players have to make and what do they do with their considerable wealth? They provide themselves with a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

Here are the top choices for homes, cars and yachts that high rollers enjoy.


Updown Court, UK

Updown Court in Windlesham, England is the most expansive home in the world. The $139 million price tag offers the happy buyer with 103 rooms, a 50-seat movie theater and five swimming pools, a squash court, tennis court and bowling alley. It also offers a stable for five horses, a garage big enough to take eight Rolls-Royces, plus a helipad for the helicopter.

Encompassing 58 acres of landscaped grounds, formal gardens and peaceful woodland, this one-of-a-kind home is only a short drive from London.

Running such a house doesn't come cheap, though. Experts calculate that you would probably need a staff of about 20 to run the place, while the heating bill alone (there are 40 gas boilers) is likely to top $500,000 a year.

If the thought of spending that much on a house suddenly brings you out in a sweat, there's always the terror-proof panic room below the east wing.

Toprak Mansion, UK

The home ofTurkish entrepreneur Halis Toprak is London's most expensive house. It is a 30,000 sq. ft. home, with seven bedroom suites, four kitchens, an 80-foot-long grand salon, a swimming pool and a Turkish bath that seats 20. This mansion also has a glass lift, a 40 seat dinning room an underground car park and a double staircase.

Thisneoclassical palace is located in perhaps the most exclusive location in Britain, and boasts a number of celebrity as well as politically prominent neighbours. It can be yours for only $94 million.

Witanhurst House, UK

Located on Highgate, London, this $55 million home is the second largest private house in London, with 65 rooms spread across three floors, including 25 bedrooms, a 40,000 square feet ballroom, kitchens and extensive terraces. Witanhurst house was built in between 1913 and 1920 for the soap manufacturer, Sir Arthur Crossfield in order pad to impress the highest echelons of British society.

The Queen Anne-style mansion has a remarkable wood-paneled ballroom, a glass-toped cupola, carved marble fireplaces and chandeliers. The bedrooms, as well as other rooms such as the Drawing Room, Study, Entrance Hall, Dining Room, Chinese Room and Billiard Room are all in an opulent classically detailed style.

Recently the estate was one of the primary production venues for the BBC Fame Academy series.


Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible

Rolls-Royce's flagship car, the most expensive vehicle offered by the company with a base price of $359,900, is made to order, from the paint to the wood, hide, trim, even the position of the intercrossed Rs in the cockpit.

The Corniche is outfitted with every luxury and refinement characteristic of a Rolls-Royce. The car has a Connolly leather interior, Wilton wool carpets, chrome gauges and a wide choice of exotic wood trims. Dual automatic temperature control, a six-disc CD changer, automatic headlamps and automatic ride control are standard.

Part of the Corniche's desirability is the fact that it was the last car developed by Rolls-Royce before it came under BMW ownership. All Corniches were completely hand-built.

This car set the standard for luxury cars and is a symbol of opulence and unsurpassed prestige.

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin is the ultimate icon of high rollers and James Bond's car of choice. $228,000 will buy you zero to 100 mph in less than 10 seconds is a remarkable feat that only few cars can match.

Great design is an Aston Martin hallmark and it is no surprise that it has a highly comfortable interior, with plenty of legroom, leather everywhere (you can, of course, choose whatever material you want, and what color) and large, easily navigable controls.

Aston Martin cars are built one at a time, by hand. An individual craftsman takes responsibility for the creation of every car. Among the many pampering additions you can add to the Aston Martin are a Satellite navigation system, colored brake calipers, personalized sill plaques and more.

No doubt, what's good for James Bond has to be the highest quality and most luxurious sports car. Having an Aston Martin is like saying: I'm wealthy, I have style and I know what's best.

Porsche GT2

The world famous Porsche has been a luxury icon for decades and it can be yours for $180,665. The name Porsche is almost synonymous with fame, wealth and success. Many famous and rich people have been captivated by the ultimate sports car, such as Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld is one of the largest Porsche collectors in the world. He currently has 47 Porsches, which he used to store in his hangar at the Santa Monica Airport at Santa Monica, California.

As a Porsche owner you too can join the Porsche exclusive members club of 110,000 Porsche enthusiasts in over 50 countries, who share a love for flare, speed and luxury cars.

The GT2 model is essentially a Porsche 911 Turbo with every gram of fat stripped out of it. It boasts 456 horsepower and it is one of the fastest cars in theworld. It is bullet fast - only twelve and half seconds to reach its top speed of 193 miles per hour (310 kph)!



This $103 million yacht is luxury incarnated. This 280-foot mammoth has room for 36 guests in 18 cabins including a 1,184-square-foot main stateroom with panoramic views, a private deck, his-and-hers walk-in closets, and marble baths with elevated Jacuzzi. You can find a king-sized bed in the owner's stateroom, a 42-inch television and panoramic windows that can be covered with a remote control.

Many areas on the yacht have comfortable sofas and armchairs scattered amidst marble columns and if you feel like watching a movie you can just step into the private cinema and enjoy the latest Hollywood hit.

If you just want a taste of this incredible yacht you rent it for an astounding $800,000 per week.


The 235-foot Utopia can be yours for only $97,500,000. The Utopia is true to its name with room for 12-15 guests in spacious staterooms and VIP suites all dressed up in oaks walnut, and marble.

The owner's privacy is assured on his or her own deck, including stateroom, study, gymnasium, pantry, lounge and oh-so-private outdoor Jacuzzi. The Utopia also has room for 20 guests in nine cabins.

On the middle deck you will find the beautiful owner's stateroom with giant windows that offer fantastic views, a luxurious bathroom with Jacuzzi bath, steam-shower and walk-in wardrobe, owner's study, gymnasium, fully equipped pantry and much more.

On the main deck you will find three VIP guest staterooms, the beautiful main lounge with seating and sofas, open main deck aft with dining table for 14 and buffet bar and access to the swimming pool.


This famous yacht was once owned by Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia who sold this yacht within his first year of ownership to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of the Chelsea Football Club in the U.K. Pelorus features oversize windows, well-defined curves, and a vanilla-hued paint job. It has a crew of 40 members.

The Pelorus is 77 feet 3 inches (115 meters) in length has an elevator that takes guests up to the sundeck, a helicopter pad, a private cinema with sofas and many more treats.  

But be careful… In 2005 the Pelorus was filled up with the wrong kind of fuel. Undoing the mess cost $200,000 for the fuel plus $1.8 million to clean the fuel tank!