4 Steps to a Blackjack Winning Streak

4 Steps to a Blackjack Winning Streak

Experts are generous with their tips for playing to win at Blackjack. The most vital piece information nearly every expert will point an amateur gamer to is the Blackjack basic strategy. The strategy chart should be used by gamers who want to increase their chances of a Blackjack winning streak. Even experts don’t always win, but they follow the chart just the same because it displays the best odds for a Blackjack winning streak. Using the chart is critical in gaming, however, experienced gamers caution against thinking it is exclusive. Casinos are known to distribute the chart and allow gamers to use it at the Blackjack tables. Still, the basic strategy chart is the top recommendation for a successful game of Blackjack.

Blackjack tips for a winning streak can be condensed into four simple steps with the basic strategy chart as No. 1. Rules 2,3, and 4 are also part of the team. No one rule can work on its own. Grouping the four steps together will put an amateur gamer closer to a Blackjack winning streak than ever before.

No. 4 – Ways to bet smart

In today’s economic panic, a budget for Blackjack should be planned before visiting a casino. Blackjack sessions need a limit because the game is unpredictable at times. The dealer could get hot. The limit needs to be set according to how much the gamer can be comfortable losing. Once a limit is set, no outrageous bets should be made. A player needs to be able to bet on a double down or split at any given moment, so the bets should be kept at a level the player can afford at a moment’s notice. Splits and double downs are to be taken seriously – over 100 of the scenarios on the strategy chart cover them. Taking advantage of splits and double downs is a leap toward a Blackjack winning streak. Another advantage is scouting the dealers to see if any of them are losing. If one is located, players should bet the minimum and up the bet $5 each time the dealer loses.

No. 3 – The House is losing

A losing dealer might be difficult to locate, but if one is spotted, the chances of a Blackjack winning streak are good. Dealers typically don’t lose a couple of games at a time. They lose multiple games in a row and players who are lucky enough to spot them should have a seat. One casino dealer was known to lose in two ways at the same time – repeatedly going over 21 or coming in too low with the same cards over and over. Losing streaks for dealers aren’t that common, but they do happen.

No. 2 – Play with discipline

Discipline doesn’t just include cash. Blackjack demands discipline and the Blackjack strategy chart proves it. The more a gamer uses the chart, the more other gamers and dealers will learn the gamer is consistent from hand to hand. It also gives the gamer an air of confidence in Blackjack because the gamer doesn’t have to sweat the next move. The gamer already knows what the next move is just like the dealer, who is following the house’s directions. Dealers are consistent in that way. For example, the strategy chart states if the gamer has 15 and the dealer has nine showing, the gamer should take a hit. So, every time this scenario arises, the gamer knows exactly what to do.

No. 1 – The strategy chart

The cards you are dealt and some of their scenarios are on the left hand side of the chart. Across the top are the dealer’s upcards. The gamer must always believe the dealer’s card facing down is a 10. If the gamer has a six and a 10, and the dealer shows a seven or higher, the gamer should take a hit. If the dealer’s card is lower, the gamer should stand on a 16. If the gamer has a 10 and the dealer shows a 2, it’s a good time to double down, according to the chart. The gamer doubles the wager, takes another card and stops. Splits are for most pairs. Aces should always be split because the gamer can win twice. On two 10s, the gamer always stands and on two 9s, the gamer stands or splits. The chart shows which dealer upcards will benefit the gamer to split or stand.

The No. 1 rule is to learn the chart, but gamers also need to employ the other three strategies for a winning recipe. The goal is a Blackjack winning streak and the four ingredients together play into each other because Blackjack is not about luck – it’s about planning and using a consistent strategy, therefore boosting confidence for a successful visit to the casino.