Betting Strategies for Blackjack

Betting Strategies for Blackjack

Progressive betting systems are used in Blackjack and other casino games in an attempt to minimize loss and maximize profit. These betting systems hinge upon increasing and decreasing bet amounts depending on if the player lost or won the prior hand. There are different types of progressive betting systems but they can all be categorized into positive or negative systems. Positive progressive systems involve increasing the bet amount after a win and negative progressive systems are based on increasing the bet amount after a loss. 

Card Counting: The Only Effective Blackjack System

Many gambling strategies and systems are not effective because they do not decrease the house edge. However, using card counting when playing Blackjack actually does lower the house edge and is the only Blackjack system that does so. Although progressive betting systems are widely used by Blackjack players, they will not transform a player into a huge winner. Theory does suggest that the best gambling strategy for players is to increase bets when they win and decrease bets when they lose. This means that after a win, the bet should be increased and when there is a loss, the bet should be decreased to the minimum amount – this is a positive progressive Blackjack betting strategy. 

Negative and Positive Progressive Blackjack Betting Strategies

Both positive and negative betting strategies are simply strategies for betting and not for playing. As an example, let’s say that a player places the minimum bet of $10. When that player wins, he or she will break even. When that player wins for a 2nd time, the bet amount should be raised to $15, then $20 and so forth. If that player loses, the bet should be reduced to the minimum amount of $10. There are some positive progressive strategies that enable players to double their bets every time they win rather than raising bets by specific increments. This is a fairly common-sense money management strategy. A negative progressive betting strategy like the Martingale System states that players should increase their bet amount when they lose in an attempt to win their money back. Although negative betting strategies are widely used, this system is generally not recommended and can do more harm than good. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Progressive Blackjack Betting Systems

There is no progressive Blackjack betting system that will work for every hand because these systems rely on probability as well as winning and losing streaks. Players are able to get out of the game anytime they wish, hopefully when they are ahead, but most fail to do so. Many players continue to play Blackjack until all the profits they have made are lost. Progressive betting strategies cannot overcome a player’s desire to continue playing. One advantage to using a progressive Blackjack betting strategy is that is does give a skilled Blackjack player the chance to win a larger amount of money than if that player were placing flat or even bets. A player using a progressive betting system can lose a greater amount of money but that player is also able to increase winnings and overcome the money that has been or will be lost. 

Progressive betting strategies were developed hundreds of years ago and most likely started when gambling began. Many of the progressive betting systems began in France as that is the birthplace of casino gambling. Many betting strategies actually have French names like LaBouchere, D’alembert and the aforementioned Martingale system. As stated previously, the Martingale betting system states that players should increase their bets if they lose and keep the same bet amount if they win. When players use this kind of progressive betting strategy, the player is basically using the casino’s money if that player wins. However, when the player loses, an occurrence that is inevitable, the money lost is not from the casino but from the player. The betting system known as Oscar’s Grind, an American betting strategy, is a relatively new progressive betting strategy and is similar to the Martingale strategy. This means that players will bet the same amount of money if they win and increase their bets if they lose. 

Setting a Limit When Playing Blackjack

Recently, there have been several ‘new’ progressive Blackjack betting strategies. Information about some of these strategies is even restricted until a player has paid to receive that information. In reality, these strategies are just variants of the original progressive betting strategies mentioned previously. These new strategies are either positive, negative or a combination of both types of progressive betting strategies. These strategies also recommend or suggest that players should not bet after they have reached a pre-set loss or win amount. This added recommendation is important and players should set a limit for themselves to avoid huge losses. Limits are essential for players who use a progressive Blackjack betting strategy.