Blackjack Champs Reveal their Secrets

Blackjack Champs Reveal their Secrets

There are specific blackjack hand signals that are used by the pros. Confuse those signals and you can end up with a major loss.

Hand Signals of Blackjack

The cautionary note is that hand signals have well-defined meanings, and must be used correctly. Keep an eye on how the regulars at the table are signaling before you begin using hand signals.

The three blackjack plays that are represented by hand signals include Hit, Stand, and Double or Split. Hand signals for a Face Up game differ from those of a Face Down game.

When you are playing blackjack Face Up, pointing at your cards or tapping the table denotes “Hit”; waving your hand over the cards, left to right, moving only your hand and not your arm, denotes “Stand”; and without touching the cards, adding another wager in a second pile close to your first bet, you double by holding up a finger, and split by holding up two fingers.

If you are in the midst of a Face Down game, lightly scrape the table with your index finger for a “Hit”; without moving the chips, carefully glide your cards beneath your chips for a “Stand”; and turning your cards face up, place a second wager next to your first set of chips, then to double hold up a finger, and to split hold up two fingers.

Blackjack is a sophisticated game. Proper use of these hand signals will add to the enjoyment of your casino gaming experience.

The Road to Winning

For the sheer excitement of gaming, play blackjack!  Losing your head in the middle of a game is easy. Maximizing your potential for winning the pot means applying blackjack strategies and knowing the language of the game.

Reading the dealer is known as “dealer tells”. An example of this strategy involves the length of time a dealer looks at his hole card. Small cards such as the 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are harder to read and will require more time. The opposite is the norm for royal cards.  

The statistical probability of blackjack will prevail. Sometimes you will win. It may take many hands before that happens. Players do walk away with giant pots. Patience and perfecting blackjack skills are the traits of professionals. 

Strategies like card counting are the domain of the pro. To correctly count cards is an extraordinary feat that requires continual practice. 

Blackjack has its own lingo. Insurance has one meaning, surrendering has another. Know the language of blackjack before you play the game.

While blackjack is not difficult to learn, becoming a blackjack pro takes time and effort. The more you know, the more thrilling the game will be. Learn and practice your strategies forever to maximize your blackjack excitement.

Techniques for Winning at Online Blackjack        

There are substantial differences between playing blackjack in a brick and mortar and enjoying the game online. Absent from online blackjack are dealer tells, the communication with other players, hand signals and the movement of chips and cards. 

While the basic game rules remain the same for both online and land-based blackjack, subtle differences in the play require a new set of strategies for the online game. For example, at online casinos, the deck is shuffled after each hand is played, rendering card counting irrelevant. 

Make use of the bonuses and promos at online gaming sites. However, bonus cash that must be paid off is the fodder of the small print. Don’t ignore the statements that govern your money.

Keep in mind that you are using actual money to play, and your winnings and losses are for real. Put appropriate winning blackjack strategies to use when playing online.

There are free games online that you can play to hone your skills and have a good time, without betting away cash. You have the added opportunity to improve the depth of your blackjack knowledge through software such as blackjack calculators.

As in the land casino, analyze your play after each game to create more successful techniques in your next game. There are helpful blackjack strategy charts to be found on the internet. Use one as a guide while you play. 

It is not a coincidence that the game of blackjack is so popular. The thrill of the game, both online and in a brick and mortar, is felt in every pore of the player. Winning the pot is an extra bonus.