Don’t lean on Strategy Charts in Casino Blackjack

Don’t lean on Strategy Charts in Casino Blackjack

The great thing about blackjack these days is that players have numerous resources available when searching for proper strategy. There are books, magazines, software programs, and of course the internet. But what trumps all of these forms of basic blackjack strategy in terms of simplicity is the strategy chart. A blackjack strategy chart documents the proper moves that players should make based on their score, the dealer’s upcard and house rules.

Taking this into account, it would seem obvious that blackjack players should always take a chart with them to brick and mortar casinos. After all, you can find these charts in card form, which means they’re small enough to bring anywhere. However, there is one major casino blackjack aspect that you have to consider before leaning heavily on your chart.

Common Courtesy

In theory, even the newest of blackjack players could bring a strategy chart with them to a casino and consistently make correct moves. All of the required information is right there, and one merely needs to look for their score total and the dealer’s upcard to find the proper course of action. But there’s one huge problem with this: it takes too much time!

Sure it’s perfectly legal to use your chart in casino blackjack before making a decision. However, when you’re constantly referring to the chart during every single hand, it slows down blackjack games tremendously. The result is that both players and casinos will become annoyed with you.

Players get irritated because they don’t like the momentum of a game being disrupted by someone who takes 15 seconds to make each decision. Casinos don’t like strategy charts being overused because their profits rely on dealing lots of hands per hour to capitalize on their small house edge.

A Suitable Alternative

The point of this article isn’t to totally dissuade you from using a strategy chart in casino blackjack. In fact, we encourage you to use a chart from time to time so that you lower the house edge as much as possible. However, it’s also advisable that you learn some basic blackjack strategy before sitting down to the tables.

By doing this, you’ll cut down on the amount of time it takes you to make decisions and gain a better knowledge of the game. We suggest that you look over basic strategy once or twice a day for 10 minutes leading up to a casino trip. This should be enough to help you lower the blackjack house edge down to at least 1% – if not lower.

 Play Free Blackjack

Another thing that you should do to cut the house edge down even further is play free blackjack. The obvious reason why is because you can practice making proper moves without referring to a blackjack strategy chart while not risking real money in the process. A secondary reason for deciding to play free blackjack is that the game is just plain fun. One more point we should mention is how free blackjack games enable you to try out casino software before making a deposit.

Assuming you want to play free blackjack and practice before visiting a land-based casino, do note that it’s extremely easy to get started. All you have to do is find an online casino and create an account by entering your name, home address, email address and phone number. When you’ve verified the given email, you’ll be able to play blackjack without even making a deposit.

Now there’s no set timetable for how long it’ll be before you’re totally ready for real money casino or online blackjack. However, we suggest that you spend at least a couple of hours playing free blackjack games and referring to your strategy chart when necessary. Doing so will get you into the habit of making correct moves when your money is on the line.