Finding Single Deck Online Blackjack

Finding Single Deck Online Blackjack

There is one phrase that draws blackjack players by the hoards – single deck blackjack. The obvious reason why players love single deck games is because the house edge is 0.26% lower than standard six deck games. Because of this, people often go out of their way to play at land-based casinos where lone decks are advertised.


But what about finding single decks when you play online blackjack? This topic isn’t as widely discussed because most people already expect a low house edge in cyber blackjack games. However, if you can improve your advantage just a little bit more, then it’s definitely worth finding single deck online blackjack. This being said, let’s discuss the best way to find these games.

Power of Advertising 

The good thing about finding single deck online blackjack is that it’s usually not too difficult because casinos advertise it. Sometimes these games are shown as a temporary promotion while other times they’re part of a casino’s main blackjack selection.

For example, an online casino might show a regular game, double deck blackjack and a single deck version. With all rules being equal, you’d definitely want to play online blackjack with the single deck. But as you’ll see below, there’s a little more to consider than just the amount of decks.

Rules involved 

Earlier we mentioned how a lone blackjack deck can take the house edge down 0.26% from the typical six deck games. But in order to counteract this, some casinos will add or take away other advantageous rules. This is really bad in brick and mortar casinos where a single deck is offered along with 6:5 natural blackjack payouts (instead of 3:2); the 6:5 payouts raise the house edge by 1.4%.

Fortunately, it’s very rare to find single deck online blackjack where 6:5 payouts are offered so you’re good there. However, you do have to watch for some of the smaller favorable rules being altered such as not allowing players to re-split hands, throwing out surrender, and the dealer hitting on a soft 17.

All or some of these rules could be included in an online single deck game to increase the house edge. But even with this being the case, you can still expect a 0.2%-0.3% house edge when you play online blackjack with single decks. So it’s definitely worth playing if you have the chance since normal internet blackjack games carry a 0.5%-0.6% casino advantage.

What if you can’t find Single Deck? 

Obviously single deck online blackjack presents the best opportunity to win money. However, even if you can’t find a lone deck – or just don’t feel like signing up at another casino – you can still earn profits through regular games. Assuming you were playing an internet game with a 0.5% casino edge, you are nearly making even money bets with the house. And even if you fell in line with the average player, you’d only lose $0.50 for every $100 wagered with this casino advantage.

It should also be mentioned that you can collect some great bonuses when you play online blackjack. Most internet casinos have excellent comp programs in place where players can earn cash, free bets and even vacation packages. Based on all of the rewards that are available, some people are able to come out on top due to the bonuses they earn! 

Assuming you’d rather compete against other players instead of the house, you’ll find lots of blackjack tournaments online too. Those trying to build a bankroll can enter freerolls where no entry fee is required to play for the cash. So as you can see, even in the absence of single deck games, you’ll find plenty of variety, tournaments, and a low house edge by sticking with online blackjack.