High Stakes Blackjack

High Stakes Blackjack

Blackjack, the classic card game that is played more than any other game in the casino, may also be known as High stakes Blackjack, in which the bankroll is significantly larger. High stakes Blackjack players come to the table, either online or on land, prepared to bet big. In fact, high stakes games in some casinos guarantee minimum bets will be more than $100. There are a lot of reasons players choose to go high stakes, other than they have the money to do it. Traditional high stakes Blackjack games typically take place in the casinos, but online operators are becoming more savvy on how to attract high stakes players. 

High stakes Blackjack benefits on land

In the casinos, high stakes players are treated differently than the average or recreational card players. At the same time, players may see advantages to playing in casinos like card counting and the gaming experience that includes the casino atmosphere and amenities, and the social aspect. High stakes players like the thrill of Blackjack because, the higher the bet, the higher the payout. Casino visitors probably won’t ever see the magnitude of a high stakes Blackjack game - those games are often played behind closed doors in select, extravagant rooms in Casinos, specifically set aside for high stakes players. 

Once they start betting high, casinos take care of players, compensating them. They may receive free meals or rewards points at first, and then as the dollar amounts increase with players spending more time at the tables, the compensation also increases, perhaps to room upgrades, free rooms and big name show tickets. Free merchandise is also a possibility. If alcohol is given as a freebie, blackjack experts warn that too much alcohol isn’t good for high stakes players or players in general.

Benefits multiply in online Blackjack

Online casinos don’t have the overhead of traditional casinos. Online operators don’t have to pay building costs, or hundreds of employees. Therefore, online casinos can give more valuable benefits and prizes. High stakes Blackjack players are quickly catching on to online rewards, and finding they are compensated for their time, money and effort. Sometimes called high rollers, these players are more than eligible for online reward points and VIP clubs, where the benefits increase at a rate faster than traditional casinos.

They are given top priority when it comes to financially managing their bankrolls. The deposits and withdrawals of high rollers are taken seriously and handled with care in a timely manner. There are deposit bonuses and cashbacks. Online casinos will even make high stakes players feel special through birthday and exclusive gift offers, which includes incentives for cash, vacation packages and Cuban cigars. High stakes Blackjack players are treated better than all other players and given the best possible customer service.

While traditional casino high rollers do their gaming business in separate rooms from the main casino arena, online high stakes players never have to leave their homes. While players in traditional casinos may move from table to table, depending on their strategies, high stakes players simply scroll to find their desired Blackjack games. Another advantage to playing online for high stakes players, is they don’t have to contend with other players that are inexperienced or just slow. They don’t have to worry about testy and impatient dealers.

How high rollers play Blackjack

High stakes players also have the option to bet low. Online casinos invite all kinds of wagers and some are as inexpensive as 50 cents! Not everybody has the money to play high stakes Blackjack. Online casinos can afford to offer low stakes games. Players wouldn’t think of betting under $5 in traditional Blackjack games, but online they can because nearly all casinos give the option of betting very high or very low. Yet, there are many high stakes players who want their game to be just that - a game in which the payouts are in the thousands. Online operators work with these players. For example, if a player feels the bet limits are too low, casino customer service is said to be extremely helpful in raising the bet limits. Chances are, high stakes players will already be members in the online VIP clubs, so customer service is a must. Many online casinos are ready for high rollers because they have no limits on bets.

Large payouts means players are betting large amounts of money, thus, high stakes Blackjack players. This is the first way high rollers win. Some may begin the game with a $100 bet, but it’s only a beginning. As the game is played, the bets grow. Others jump right in with $1,000 up to $5,000, and divide their bets in splits and doubles. Online casinos will also give their players more chances to win by letting them play multiple hands. Mix big bets with multiple hands, and players could see continuous wins.

The second way high stakes Blackjack players win is by playing progressive Blackjack, a way to rake in a high stakes win from a low starting point. Progressive can work from regular or limitless betting structures. The way progressive Blackjack pays off is through side bets that focus on the player’s streaks of cards. The bets pay according to how many aces a player receives. Four aces could net a jackpot of $50,000 online.

Online or on land

All high stakes players have their own preferences as to how they want to play Blackjack. But many are leaning toward online because they can play at their own speed and the play is almost instantaneous as opposed to the traditional casino, where it seems players are always waiting for something. High stakes players needn’t worry about restrictive casino sites because they’ll be given the best options and excellent customer service.