New Software does the Blackjack Card Counting for You

New Software does the Blackjack Card Counting for You

Blackjack players have been implementing several techniques to count cards and turn odds in their favor for over fifty years.   Theoretically if a player keeps track of the number of high vs. low cards that have been dealt in a game they have a pretty reliable idea of whose favor the upcoming cards will lean toward. Players have utilized mental techniques in casinos from simple to complex with long-term success. Now, technology has made available computer software that assists with the count, essentially counts for you, when playing blackjack online. Turn the odds in your favor by choosing live blackjack online – as the software will not be applicable with random card generation at many online casinos. 

Expert Says “Yes” Card Counting Will Improve Player Odds of Blackjack


Card counting is basically the process of tracking cards dealt, typically coding the cards based on high numbers or low numbers. Most techniques involve adding points for low cards and subtracting points for high cards. The higher your positive count, the better your chances for a blackjack. Vice versa, the lower the count, or a negative count – gives better chances for the dealer. Henry Tamburin, expert blackjack card counter has authored a book and several newsletters on blackjack and casino gambling in America. He speaks of the continuum of card counting techniques that range from simple to complex and asserts that any player with average intelligence would be capable of learning how to count cards. The key is to make the commitment to learn, dedicate several times each week for practice, and prior to entering live play or doling out money on bets – understand the necessity of the bankroll.


Simple counting systems assign a positive value to low cards and a negative value to high cards and a running count is maintained as the cards are dealt into play. More complex methods, such as Hi-Lo counting and KO counting will take several months to master, according to Tamburin. Be mindful that card counting in your mind is perfectly legal since no one in the casino can ascertain what you are thinking while you engage in a friendly game of blackjack. Casinos can, however, request that you leave if they suspect that you are counting the cards, especially if you are betting large and winning big for an extended period of time. One indication for a casino, says Tamburin, that you are counting cards is the variation in bets, swinging from larger bets when the count is higher and smaller bets when the count is low, or negative. Tamburin has offered several suggestions to card counters to improve their odds and find long-term success at the blackjack table.


First he recommends that players have a bankroll sufficient enough to sustain some losses, as card counting does not magically guarantee a win every time. On the contrary, counters may win more over time, but there will be losses on the short term.   Tamburin’s advice, overall, includes the following; begin playing with a bankroll that is at least 100 times your maximum bet, therefore if you want to play with a $50 maximum bet, then have a bankroll of at least $5,000 to start. Practice in an environment that will match that of casino play – with some noise and distractions. Be cautious in your betting variation – it’s one of the indicators for casino’s that a person may be counting cards. Play at tables where there is a ‘deep penetration’ or where more than one deck is seen prior to the shuffle. If you opt for online play, consider the exciting new software that is now available and let the computer do your counting.

Card Counting Software for Blackjack Online 


Variations of the card counting software are available but the basic concept is that the computer software does the counting for you. Clearly, you will not be setting up your laptop in a real-time casino since computer, electronic, and assistive devices are not allowed. The software can be of benefit to the avid online blackjack player that would like to improve their edge in live dealer blackjack games online. The software is not going to behoove the player who opts for the computer generated randomly dealt cards but online casinos with live dealer play are also readily available to blackjack enthusiasts. The software is user friendly and applies the various counting methods, from simple to complex, such as Hi-Lo, Hi, and Uston APC by your choice.


The software allows the player to select the number of decks in play, select progressive betting, minimum and maximum bets. The player keys in the cards as they are dealt and the computer does the rest of the work, maintaining the running count and telling the player whether to hit, stand, or push. Players may even specify their preferred number of ‘wins’ before the program will recommend that it is time to quit, for now. The player will be informed of how much to bet based on the minimum and maximum bet allowances that were keyed in and the running count. If real-time casino play is your preference, the software is a great way to practice your count carding techniques at home, before you hit those high-dollar tables and look for the long-term curve to bend in your favor. The countdown is on…..