Playing Blackjack with Card Sharks

Playing Blackjack with Card Sharks

Cheating methods abound throughout casinos. There is no game that enjoys a scamming immunity. It’s the mega bucks that magnetize the gaming world for scammers. Learning about the various methods used by cheaters is a protective shield against becoming the victim of the scam.

Good Scammers and Bad Scammers

The bad scammers get caught; the good scammers do not. For that reason, it is impossible to know the extent of the damage perpetrated by cheaters. Bookkeeping is essential for all businesses. Among the books kept by casinos is a record of scammers known to ply their trade in the gaming environment. That particular book constitutes an attempt to keep cheaters from getting through casino doors. While land-based casinos are beset with the problem of scamming, online casinos are not bothered. Gaming software effectively prevents cheating through its encrypted code.

Scamming Methods

There are many ingenious methods of cheating. As each system becomes known to casinos, five more scamming techniques materialize. A jail cell is waiting for each of the scammers who get caught. One method often used by unimaginative cheaters involves placing a large bet. The scammer takes the pot and leaves the casino if the bet legitimately pays off. However, if the cheater loses, they grab the chips and make a beeline for the nearest door, chips and all. That move is relatively unexpected, and by the time the casino employees realize what just happened and give chase, the scammer is long gone.

Blackjack card marking scams are ancient. In October 2010, at a California establishment, three suspects were caught in the act of attempting to scam the casino with marked cards.  By the time of their arrest, they had won $24,000 at the blackjack table.

Methods for marking cards are many. It is usually the high cards that are marked. One of the methods involves the use of a substance visible only with special glasses. Another technique is to bend the cards. Card marking is not generally a good way to cheat, as the multitude of players and employees are bound to notice a person messing up the casino’s deck of cards. One group of thieves was caught when they used oil to mark the tip of the high cards. They were all arrested and charged with three felonies including grand theft. Each of the counts could net them four years in prison.    

The Tran Organization

Van Thu Tran and her gang of 44 family members were all arrested in Canada and the U.S. She used her beauty to corrupt blackjack card dealers. For a while the gang was quite successful, netting $50,000 per 10 minutes of baccarat or blackjack betting. At a casino in the Chicago area, they made over $850,000 within an hour and a half. Their theft total was between $7 million and $20 million. The Tran enterprise was big business.  

Online Blackjack: Play It Safe

Safe online blackjack involves several elements. In determining the safety of online gaming, players look to the security of the site, reliability of the software and honesty of the financial process, among other factors. Well-established online casinos are generally safe. Those internet casinos that appear dishonest become the subject of reviews and scrutiny by industry entities  which publicize unsavoury casino websites. Blacklists are established for the purpose of informing the public as to unsafe casinos. By contrast, there are online casinos that are recommended highly in trade publications and associations. Those that are often mentioned in a positive light can be considered safe websites.

Online casinos are required to be licensed. Players concerned with safety look at the domicile of the website, staying away from sites located in Costa Rica and Cyprus, where regulation is weak. Software provided by well-known companies such as PlayTech and Microgaming, meet standards for fairness and uniformity. Auditors eCOGRA and Technical Systems Testing (TST) certify blackjack payout rates. Safe casinos are those that have rates between 97.5% and 98.5%. Online blackjack covers a wide variety of games. For safe play,  players are advised to check out the rules and regulations of each game. Free trials aere a great way to learn the game inside and out, prior to playing for real cash.

Blackjack games currently have a program which includes the playing history on the software platform. This is helpful in avoiding abnormalities and ensuring consistency. A secure privacy policy is a must. Excellent customer service for the website is also essential. Playing it safe lets the gamer get excited about the game rather than the casino pitfalls.