Top 5 Casino Blackjack Promotions to Look For

Top 5 Casino Blackjack Promotions to Look For

Just like any good business, brick and mortar casinos run promotions and other events to draw in visitors. Some of these promotions revolve around non-gaming perks like discounted hotel rooms and free show tickets while others include casino games. As for the latter, blackjack is frequently featured in a lot of promos that can be really beneficial to players. Seeing as how there are some great deals to be found this way, it’s worth discussing the top five common casino blackjack promotions.

1. Teaching New Players how to play Blackjack

Perhaps the most interesting promo revolves around casinos teaching new players the basics of blackjack. This normally consists of allowing people to play free blackjack while they’re given tips by dealers. Casinos have a lot of success with this promotion for two reasons: 1) people get to play free blackjack, and 2) they receive instructions and tips from professional dealers. Anybody who’s new to the game should definitely check out casino websites and city newspapers to find out about deals that’ll enable them to play free blackjack.

2. Low Stakes Tables

Casino blackjack is not exactly known for offering lots of chances to play at low stakes tables. In many cases, the lowest minimum bet is $10, which may be a little too rich for the average player. And seeing as how the opportunity to play free blackjack doesn’t come around often, many people have a better chance at taking advantage of the low stakes tables. When casinos are looking to bring in new players, they’ll announce games where minimum wagers are $5 or even $2.

3. Special Player-Friendly Rules

While low limit tables and learning tips from dealers are attractive promotions to beginning players, they don’t always excite casino blackjack veterans. And experienced players are definitely a good group to target because they bring repeat business to land-based casinos. So many popular promotions revolve around tweaking different rules that lower the house edge and give people a better opportunity to make profits. For example, a casino might occasionally allow players to triple down on hands, offer bonus payouts for certain hands, and allow late surrender. These rules aren’t typically offered in brick and mortar venues so players like to take advantage of them whenever possible.

4. Free Bet Coupons

There’s nothing like being giving the opportunity to play free blackjack and win real money in exchange. And this is exactly what free bet coupons allow players to do since these vouchers can be exchanged for a real money wager. For instance, players may find a free $25 bet coupon in their local paper or on a website; they can then take this voucher to the participating casino and use it to get a $25 chip. The idea here is to get casino blackjack players on the table so they’ll feel like wagering more.

5. Single Deck Blackjack Games

One more very common promotion involves running single deck games. Most casino blackjack games feature a six-deck shoe; however, using just a single deck lowers the house edge by 0.26% from the common six-deck games. This being said, the lower house edge is definitely a motivation for people seeking out single deck blackjack. One thing to consider here is that casinos will sometimes slip other unfavorable rules into single deck games to regain or ever supersede their normal house edge. So beware whenever you come across this promotion.

From an overall sense, the majority of blackjack promos give players a chance to benefit even more from playing a game that’s already fun. So it’s definitely worth signing up for casino mailers, checking out websites, and looking through local papers to find these deals.