10 Tips for New Online Gamers

10 Tips for New Online Gamers

If you‘ve been bitten by the online gambling bug, then you’re probably ready to hit the cyber tables right now. But before you run off and start placing casino bets, here are a few tips you should keep in mind before doing any online gaming.

1. Take Advantage of Bonuses

One of the biggest mistakes that online gamers make is not taking advantage of casino bonuses. And this is a HUGE mistake because you can potentially earn thousands of extra dollars through online casinos bonuses! Signup bonuses are the first big reward you’ll come across, and these alone are worth hundreds of dollars. You can also earn lots of bonuses by participating in VIP programs where you get points for frequent play; these points can then be used for free play and cash prizes. As you can see, it pays to look for bonus offers when you start gambling online.

2. Practice with Play Money Games

One big advantage that online casinos offer over land-based casinos is the opportunity to practice with play money games. If you’re new to online gambling, practicing with the free games is one of the best things you can do. Even if you already know the rules for casino games, you can still benefit greatly by trying out the free software. In some cases, you can even earn frequent player points through the free software!

3. Learn Strategy

Along with polishing up your game on the free online casino software, you should also learn as much strategy as possible. This is especially the case with games like video poker and blackjack where you can play near-even money just by using good strategy. Even games that don’t include much in-game strategy such as keno and slots involve a lot of bankroll management techniques that you can learn about. And the more strategy you know, the better chance you’ll have at making money right away.

4. Establish a Bankroll

While some people jump right into online gaming with just a few casino dollars, it’s a much better idea to establish a solid bankroll before playing. A bankroll ensures that you won’t blow through your money quickly and be forced to quit playing for a while. The size of your bankroll all depends on the games, stakes and bets that you’ll be making. But no matter how large your bankroll is, online gambling is a lot more fun when you have enough money to survive the downswings.

5. Focus on One or Two Games

When some people start gaming online, they want to go crazy and try every game. After all, online casinos offer a variety of games that are just a click away. However, it’s better to start out your online gambling days by only playing one or two games in the beginning. As your confidence and bankroll start to grow, you can branch out into games; but in the beginning, just stick with a couple of games.

6. Start with Low Stakes

Keeping with the notion of starting out small, you should also avoid playing high stakes in the beginning until you feel more comfortable with online gambling. Even if you’re used to playing high stakes in land-based casinos, it’s a good idea to start out with the low stakes at cyber casinos. Once you are more acclimated to online casinos, you can open up your wallet and start playing for bigger money. But until that happens, just stick with small bets and work your way up.

7. Play Clear-headed

For some reason or another, many online gamblers like to play games when they’re angry, sad, frustrated, or even drunk. It could be that gambling is their way of blowing off steam and getting away from the pressures of everyday life. Whatever the case may be, gambling when you’re in a bad mood or altered state of mind can cause you to make some really bad and irrational decisions. If you feel yourself slipping into a horrible mood, find something else to do that doesn’t involve risking money.

8. Always read Bonus Terms and Conditions

Going back to tip #1, you should always read the terms and conditions of online casino bonuses before you start playing for them. The reason why is because some casino bonuses might look attractive, yet offer near-impossible conditions that make them unattainable. In most cases, you just have to read the fine print to see what it takes to earn a bonus. After you’ve done this, you’ll have a better idea as to whether or not you have a realistic shot at the bonus.

9. Always know the Game Rules

One of the big pluses to playing at internet casinos is that they sometimes offer traditional games in a new and exciting format. Along with this, they also alter the rules to go along with the theme of the new game. While this mostly happens with slots, it can happen with a lot of other online casino games too. This being said, you should always make sure that you fully understand the rules for new games you play.

10. Quit when Mistakes Start

Along with only gaming online when you’re in the right state of mind, you should also quit whenever you start making mental mistakes. Now a lot of gamblers will get into moods where they want to keep playing, and they’ll sit at an online casino for hours; this is great assuming you can keep your concentration. But when you start to lose focus and make small mental mistakes, you give the house an even bigger edge. If this happens, your bankroll will suffer just as badly as if you were angry or drunk. Case in point, know when to quit an online casino session.