Baccarat Blossoms Before Your Eyes

Baccarat Blossoms Before Your Eyes

Baccarat’s history dates back to nearly 1483 when King Charles VIII was at France’s throne. The game was created by an Italian gamer, who is said to have used tarot cards at first. The word Baccarat means zero in Italian, and traditionally, was a favorite with the rich, but now stretches to all classes. Zero means to lose. Bets from $20 to $2,000 and higher are made in Baccarat, and mini Baccarat. At a standard table, players take their seats and become a number. The dealer sits at No. 1, and the caller is No. 15. The object of Baccarat is to gather cards that are closest to the number nine.

Typically, players bet against the “banker,” however, they can bet against each other as well. Cards are worth face value, except for 10s and face cards. They are zero. The aces are one point each. Hands over 10 points drop the first number. For example, a six and seven adds up to three because in Baccarat, the one is not counted. The highest number in the game is nine. Some hands total to Baccarat, or zero. One of the major skills in the game is to make correct choices, sometimes based on intuition. Baccarat is known as a game of chance because the house is considered to always have the edge, but experienced players say Baccarat is a game of skill.  

Punto Banco

To play baccarat in all the major casinos around the world is to play the Punto banco variation. Punto means player and banco is the banker. The casino is usually the banker, and plays both hands. The game begins with the shoe that holds four, six or eight decks that are shuffled together. Cards to players are dealt face up, and if the first two cards dealt do not total an eight or nine, the tableau is considered. If an eight or a nine is reached, the hand, known as the natural, will be over. If the tableau is considered, the player comes first. If the player’s cards are 0-5, then the player gets to draw a third card. If the first two cards total 10 and over, the player stands. The banker’s rule is next, and works off the player’s hand. If the player was able to draw a third card, the banker’s next move depends on the cards held by the player and the banker. Casinos explain the rule in simple fashion, such as if the banker’s cards total two or less, then the banker draws a third card. Or, if the banker is holding three points, and the player’s third card was a two through seven, the banker draws a third card. There are only three ways to win Baccarat - player, banker or tie.

Online Baccarat Entertainment

Gamers flock to play online casino sites, and Baccarat is popular. Online players may elect Baccarat when they also play free casino games. Amateurs like to start in the smaller rooms with lower stakes and work their way to the high rollers. This way, amateurs, along with all players who follow this method, have control of their game. Online players are able to mirror live casino gamers in that they can record their past hands on casino scorecards. All gamers that record their hands are looking for the pattern to chase so they can win. The pattern is hidden, they believe. This is a well-known superstition. Critics dispute the belief because the decks in the shoe are randomly shuffled.

Even online, Baccarat is a game that is capable of short-term returns. In online Baccarat, gamers can play one of three varieties, Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. The latter two are played mostly in Europe, where they are favorites. Anyone who chooses to play casino games, including Baccarat, is advised not to chase their losses.

Baccarat Strategy

Part of the strategy is eliminating situations, which the player feels are useless. Instead of chasing a losing situation, the player should make room for a winning situation. Some feel counting cards is the way to win. It seems like it would work, but when a shoe is holding four, six or eight decks, the player would have to pay very close attention. The effort may not be worth the outcome. In addition, card counting has traditionally been reserved for blackjack, and is illegal. In Baccarat, players cannot change their bet during hands like they can in blackjack. 

Baccarat is like a coin toss. Players take chances, and then bet accordingly. The house’s edge is a little over one percent in Baccarat, and players have room to strategically bet and win. Experts recommend betting against the banker every time to gain the odds. If a player throws a coin in the air nine times and each time the coin lands on heads, more experienced players know the chances are higher for tails in the next toss. 

New players should look for games with a low number of decks, and be aware that casinos may charge commission for the bets of the bankers. Another tip for new players is not to make bets based on previous hands, which have nothing to do with future hands. Most of these tips also apply to online Baccarat.

Baccarat Myths

One of the most notable myths about Baccarat is players should look for the patterns of the cards when they are drawn. Some players are convinced following the patterns will produce wins. Nothing so far has substantiated the myth. Another Baccarat myth is if a player sees naturals in a row, the player should up the bet because more are coming. Baccarat hands are individual and if naturals are in a row, it is by chance. Players can act on intuition in more in Baccarat, unlike poker and blackjack. 

As mentioned before in this article, players should refrain from using previous hands to influence their bets. Gamers online who play Baccarat should not be swayed by infamous betting systems like the Fibonacci. And, players need to know online Baccarat is not rigged. Card shuffles will come through with a natural, either online or in the casinos. This goes along with winning or losing - it’s the same if the player is virtual or live. A final myth is players need huge bankrolls to play Baccarat. Games like mini Baccarat and the online version open the game to just about anybody.

New players should familiarize themselves with the myths, and learn the game of Baccarat from a neutral stance. The game will be more enjoyable for those who dispel the myths and take the chances they need to win!