Bad Luck Superstitions to avoid with Casino Games

Bad Luck Superstitions to avoid with Casino Games

Not all superstitious beliefs bring players good luck in casino gaming. In fact, some superstitions are thought to bring disastrous results in casino games.

While many casino visitors focus on superstitions that can bring them good luck such as carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot or blowing on dice, there’s another side to the story that needs to be addressed. After all, some superstitions are believed to bring terrible luck, which means people need to do everything possible to avoid these occurrences. This being said, here’s a quick look at some superstitious beliefs that could have potentially-disastrous consequences on your results in both land-based and online casino games.

Picking up a Penny in Casinos

Normally people consider themselves lucky when they find a penny and pick it up. In fact, these are often called “lucky pennies.” However, picking a penny up off the casino floor is thought to bring anything other than good fortune. You might even lose a ton of money in casino games by making this mistake! Seeing as how a penny isn’t worth that much anyways, you probably won’t lose sleep over leaving one on the ground.

Staying on the 13th Floor of a Casino Hotel

The number 13 has plenty of unlucky connotations in all walks of life. However, it’s especially feared in casino games, from blackjack to the roulette wheel. Players even extend their fear of 13 to the hotel they stay in, which is why most major casinos don’t have a 13th floor; instead, they go up to 12 and skip to 14. Assuming a casino hotel does offer a 13th floor, it’s highly suggested that you ask to move up or down some floors.

Entering a Casino through the Front Door

It’s pretty common for casino visitors to enter through the front door. But this is not so common among those who believe that Lady Luck governs over land-based and online casino games. The reason why is because these people don’t want to cross paths with any losing players that are leaving through the main entrance. Going further, the bad luck from losers could be “transferred” onto other players as they’re entering. So what’s important here is that superstitious visitors enter through less-traveled side doors.

 Whistling or Singing

Ever feel like whistling or singing when you’re winning big in casino games? Well don’t do it because many people believe that it can bring awful luck not only to the singer, but also to everybody around them. The logic behind this stems from whistling or singing near graveyards, which is thought to be bad luck because it can summon dead spirits. Obviously it’s a stretch to think that these spirits will make their way into casinos; however, it is enough to worry players.

Handling $50 Bills

Away from land-based and online casino games, bettors would be thrilled to have as many $50 bills as they could carry. But this matter is a different story when it comes to gaming tables because most people consider $50 bills highly unlucky. This is one superstition that goes beyond just players since many casinos won’t hand out $50 bills either. After all, they wouldn’t want to agitate a customer who thoroughly believes in the curse of fifty.

Counting Money

Players are used to counting chips while they’re at the tables – otherwise, how would they know how much they are betting? However, it’s considered totally different from a luck perspective when you count money inside of casinos. This notion comes from Eastern culture since they think that counting cash should be done outside of a casino, or else one’s luck will take a big downturn.

Wearing Black

When some people envision high stakes betting, they picture James Bond in a black tuxedo with a beautiful woman draped on his arm. But those who believe in the mythical side of gaming leave black tuxedos out of the equation because black symbolizes grief. Assuming you feel as if this superstition could be accurate, you might want to try wearing red, which the Chinese believe brings good fortune in casino games.

As you can see, there are quite a few different beliefs that can cause trouble for you in both land-based and online casino games. So if you’re a strong believer in superstition, steer clear of what we’ve discussed.