Beginner’s Luck is All you Need

Beginner’s Luck is All you Need

Control is an important aspect of everyday life. In games such as slots and roulette, pure chance prevails. Gamers bring time-honored superstitions, along with personal superstitious creations, with them to the gaming tables so as to attempt to establish some control over the result.

Superstitions of Slot Players

Slot players use their superstitions to combat the whimsical element of luck. Throw desperation into the act, and the behavior becomes bizarre at best. 

One lady won’t play the slots if her stool is not exactly in the middle of the two machines she intends to use. A man keeps his eyes shut every single time he pulls the slot handle. Another man twirls around after hitting a specific play button, and ends his twirl in front of the machine as the reel stops. One person will only buy coins from a specific cashier, rather than place her money into the currency acceptor.  However, the man who presses the Play 2 Credit button with his nose takes the cake.  At one point his machine had to be disinfected due to the blood he inadvertently left on the slot machine when he got carried away with his habit.

An elderly man has been seen playing slots wearing a left white glove on his right hand and right white glove on his left hand. In any other realm of life, that gentleman might come to the attention of the authorities. Somehow gaming is able to absorb all of the odd superstitions, and perceive them as normal abnormalities. That white-gloved individual, after experiencing a win, expresses aloud his belief that he has magic hands.

A woman who is up in years, audibly states which coins are inserted from her and which are from “George”. She berates the invisible George whenever his coin produces a winner.

Gaming History Peppered with Superstitions

Dice may date back thousands of years, bringing superstitions with them to the present. The saying “luck be a lady”, in reference to craps games, was popularized in movies.   It appears to have originated with the old wives tale that virgins bring good luck. 

Other superstitions concern the number of players at the craps table: There is a taboo against being the first or only player at the table. Yet more craps superstitions involve a constriction as to avoiding the touch of the dice on anyone’s hand during the roll, and not touching the shooter of a good roll. Be sure not to change the dice if you’re on a winning streak.

There is a cute poker myth, that those who are not lucky in poker, have the opposite luck in love. Perhaps that’s a consolation prize to the losing gamers. 

One offshoot of the pioneering old West is the superstition that bringing a dog into the gaming room will yield good luck.  This myth has not been carried forward to the present, as casinos do not allow animals.

Various superstitions have adhered to the manner of picking up the cards. One taboo exists as to picking up the cards during the deal, and another concerns picking up the cards with your left hand. Witches are said to be the source of the second constriction.

Roulette owns many superstitions. The creation of winning systems is unbelievable. Also the sleeping-number bet has no mathematical reality. Each spin begins a new probability. Whether or not a number has recently come up is irrelevant. The excitement in the game of roulette surrounds the risk of the bet and the pure luck of the spin.

Popular Casino Superstitions

The 13th floor is absent in many casinos. There are even some large corporate buildings that lack a 13th floor. The perception that 13 is an unlucky number is global. By contrast, the number 7 is thought by multitudes of people to be lucky. Therefore, slot machines are programmed for payouts around a combo of three 7s.

The myth of beginner’s luck is widely accepted as fact. Some superstitious gamers avoid entering casinos by the front door, which was used by losers as they left the casino. Lucky charms abound in the gaming atmosphere. Asian gamers stick to the color red for good luck. 

Some players avoid like the plague the counting of money, touching the chips of other gamers, as well as singing and whistling while gaming. Superstitions wrap a security blanket around the element of chance. The luck of the Irish is an example of everyday superstitions that formulate the norm of life, just as many superstitions add to the life of the game.