Las Vegas Casino Hotels – The Best and Most Glamorous

Las Vegas Casino Hotels – The Best and Most Glamorous

There’s one obvious reason why many people visit the world’s Mecca of gambling in Las Vegas and that is ….casino gaming . And with so many casinos and different casino games offered in the city it certainly makes sense to visit Sin City for gambling purposes. But there are also other reasons besides gambling that some people choose to fly hundreds or even thousands of miles to stay in Las Vegas for. 

And many of these reasons revolve around the experience that the city offers casino gamers that goes beyond the simple act of wagering money. The hotel that a person chooses to stay in definitely adds to this experience too. Otherwise, why would a person go to Las Vegas only to stay in some dive motel where they’re more likely to be greeted by a cockroach than a lover in bed? Keeping this pleasant thought in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best and most lavish hotels that the city has to offer.

The Bellagio

Many gamblers may have heard about The Bellagio casino as it’s known for its high stakes poker room called Bobby’s Room. But there’s more to The Bellagio than just its poker scene as this resort has an exceptional pool, sweet locker rooms, great changing facilities as well as glamorous hotel and casino rooms. High rollers will especially love The Bellagio casino since they can get their own private playing room if they have a high enough bankroll. 

MGM Grand

If you’re willing to spend a grand, or more, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas casinos you can get one of their coveted Skyloft rooms. The Skylofts are located on the penthouse floor and offer absolutely amazing views plus every need you might have is taken care of by the staff. Going beyond the Skylofts, the MGM Grand also offers some top-of-the-line restaurants such as Wolfgang Puck, Pearl, and Emeril’s.

New York-New York

Las Vegas isn’t all about glamour and fancy dining as the New York-New York casino provides its guests with a really thrilling experience. The amusement park-like rides such as the Manhattan Express Roller Coaster definitely create some excitement, while kids will enjoy visiting places like the M&M store and the rock climbing facility located across the street from the casino & hotel area.

Wynn Las Vegas

Before billionaire Steve Wynn came along with his vision for a resort & casino, it would’ve been impossible to imagine a golf course ever existing on the Vegas Strip. Now the impossible has come to life and that’s not all, as every room offered at the Wynn creates an unforgettable experience for the guests with polished floors and fancy furniture helping them to live the good life.


A true family experience can be found at the Ritz-Carlton in Las Vegas casinos, or rather close by Las Vegas casinos. The Ritz-Carlton casino and hotel is located 17 miles away from Sin City but offers shuttles to and from Las Vegas as well as a host of activities. Day camp is provided for children, fly fishing is available, craft lessons are taught here, and hiking is also an option. Further adding to the allure of the Ritz-Carlton is its beach which is located right next to a great swimming area.

Caesars Palace

Sports gambling is definitely embedded into the culture of Las Vegas and no place is better for the sports bettor than Caesars Palace. The Roman inspired casino has one of the largest sportsbooks in the world and guests can walk just a short ways over to club Pure for some nightlife, provided their attire meets the standard for getting in. Plus the hotel rooms aren’t too shabby either and are very affordable for the average person.