Best Las Vegas Poker Rooms

Best Las Vegas Poker Rooms

While there are definitely great poker scenes in cities like London, Atlantic City, and Los Angeles, none of these places comes close to offering the kind of casino poker scene that Las Vegas has. After all, this is the city where poker dreams are made and multi-million dollar tournaments are commonplace. 

But the Las Vegas card scene is about a lot more than just casino tournaments since cash games are pretty big too. So next time you take a trip to Sin City and are looking for a cash game, be sure to check out one of these poker rooms to make your Vegas casino experience a memorable one. 

1. The Bellagio

The Bellagio is host to the world’s most famous private room in Bobby’s Room. Here the top high stakes poker players such as Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein, and Tom Dwan battle for hundreds of thousands of dollars in “The Big Game.” But the Bellagio’s poker room is about a lot more than just top professionals because there are 40 tables spanning across the 7,000 square foot area. Going beyond the tables, there are also plenty of flat screen TV’s along with 2 nearby restaurants in Circo and Prime. If you’ve got enough to survive at the $4/$8 stakes and up, the Bellagio casino is a great place to play poker. 

2. The Venetian

The Venetian’s poker room is just as big as Bellagio’s since it has 39 tables within the 11,000 square foot area. However, the Venetian hotel and casino is about a lot more than just size since they have excellent dealers and a very knowledgeable staff. The high stakes section is the epitome of luxurious poker since butler service is offered here. Tournament players will also appreciate the frequent deep-stack tourneys offered at the Venetian on a regular basis. Those who want to relax around the poker room can sit in one of the two lounges complete with leather chairs and TV’s.

3. Caesars

There is a lot of entertainment around Caesars’ poker room with Forum Shops, Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant, and the sportsbook nearby. Moving to the actual poker room, pretty much anybody can get in on the action because the No-Limit Hold’em casino stakes start at just $1/$2. Omaha Hi-Lo action is also offered at Caesars with limits starting at $6/$12 and going up. There are plenty of tables throughout this 8,500 square room with a total of 30. 

4. The Mirage

The Mirage is such a respected poker room that it used to host The Big Game until the Bellagio took over. Even without The Big Game, Mirage’s casino room thrives with lots of different poker variations offered including Omaha Hi-Lo, Limit Hold’em, and of course No-Limit Hold’em. This room really has a nice atmosphere as it’s right in the center of the casino. Both low limit grinders and high rollers should be able to find a limit that suits their bankroll at Caesars.

5. The Wynn

The Wynn’s poker room doesn’t have quite the history of other rooms, but its new atmosphere is considered an advantage for most people. This sleek, fancy poker room is perfect for those who care about the surroundings just as much as the cards. Of course, the cards are pretty good here too since you can play just about anything provided you have enough players to fill a table. In fact, the dealers will let people play anything from Hold’em to Chinese Poker.  

6. Binions

If you’re looking to take the opposite approach of the Wynn casino and play somewhere that’s loaded with history, Binion’s is the place. Binion’s was the original home of the WSOP up until 2004, which means this poker room has seen plenty of great moments.  With 70 tables offered, Binion’s giant poker room still hosts tournaments on a daily basis.  But the big poker room isn’t the only place at Binions to play since they recently added a brand new 10-table area complete with glass walls. So even if you aren’t interested in history, you’ll still love the modernized 10-table section.

7. MGM Grand

Easy competition is the name of the game at MGM Grand because their poker room is located by the entrance, which means lots of fish sit down at the tables. Sticking with the location subject, MGM’s poker room is centered in between the sportsbook and Centrifuge bar meaning you’ll have plenty to do when you need a break from poker. Besides being centrally located and filled with fish, MGM Grand’s room offers a lot of different poker variations on their 22 tables.

8. Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel boasts the newest poker room on this list as evidenced by all of the features it offers. There are iPod ports, giant flat screen TV’s, a bar, and even VIP rooms complete with bottle service. Players who have spent time at numerous poker rooms will also appreciate the fact that Hard Rock Hotel and Casino has restrooms inside of their poker room too! Besides making their room a poker player’s dream, Hard Rock offers great action at both the Limit and No-Limit tables.

9. Red Rock Resort

One of the best off-Strip poker rooms is located at the Red Rock Resort. Not only is the Red Rock Resort’s poker room open 24 hours a day, but their staff does a greaat job of providing excellent service to players. This room is also state-of-the-art because a computer program (which has a quick signup) awards you with club points based on how long you’ve been playing. Moving away from the poker tables, there is also a movie theatre close to the poker room so you won’t be at a loss for entertainment options.

10. Rio

It would be strange to talk about the best poker rooms in Las Vegas and not mention the home of the WSOP. Of course, the WSOP is held in the Rio’s convention center meaning this area doesn’t offer daily games. However, just the sheer effort that the Rio puts into staging WSOP events is enough to rank them among the best poker rooms…..even if it only lasts a couple of months. The Rio Hotel and Casino does offer a nice everyday poker room though with 10 tables where people can play both daily cash games and sit and go tournaments.