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You’re almost ready to play Blackjack, so let’s get to the rules of game before you get started. As you know, Blackjack is primarily a game of skill with lots of room for Lady Luck. You are tasked with beating the dealer’s hand total, without exceeding 21. That’s the magic number – but you don’t need to hit 21 to win; any hand total that beats the dealer is good enough.  
The following card values hold true in Blackjack:
-Royals are valued at 10
-Aces are valued at 1 or 11
-Cards 2 - 10 retain their face value

Did you know? 

The use of a jack and an ace to instantly win the game was created in the late 1800s, as a means to spice up the game. It was originally a jack of spades or clubs that was required to win the game, hence the name, blackjack. If you want to call the game by its original name, then it is 21.

Keeping It Simple – Blackjack Rules Explained 

Depending on the variant you’re playing, between 4 and 8 decks of cards are used. Unlike Poker, you compete against the dealer in Blackjack and not against other players. You start by placing a wager. Once bets have been accepted, the dealer will hand out two cards face up to each player in turn. Unlike the players, only one of the dealer’s cards is showing and the other is face down. 
Unless the dealer has Blackjack, players will never see the dealer’s pocket card. Based on what the dealer is holding and what you’re holding, you will decide whether to hit (draw another card), stand (do not take additional cards), double (double your wager and stand), split (split pairs), or take insurance (if you feel the dealer has Blackjack).

Finalize Your Bets & Collect Your Winnings!

Based on the rules of Blackjack, it is impossible to bust on your two pocket cards. Once all bets have been finalized, the dealer will reveal his/her cards. You will win if your hand value beats that of the dealer. If you are playing multiple hands of blackjack at once, each hand will be evaluated against that of the dealer and the same rules apply.  If the dealer busts, you win!

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