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Blackjack is full of surprises! You never know how lucky you’re going to get, especially here at 777 Our casino platform is the best in the business and you can expect nothing less than an authentic Vegas-style Blackjack experience from the moment you’re dealt into a game.

Did you know? 

Guess who was one of history’s biggest blackjack fans? Napoleon Bonaparte, one of history’s most popular and successful strategists. 

As one of the most popular casino card games, Blackjack has a pretty impressive reputation among players. Let’s take a look at some of the incredible Blackjack statistics that make this game so appealing!

Fast Facts about Blackjack

  • Each 52 card deck has 4 suits of 13 cards. There are sixteen 10-value cards (10-J-Q-K), and Aces which can assume a value of 1 or 11. 
  • The odds of hitting a particular card other than a 10-value card are 7.7%, and 31% for 10-value cards.
  • As a player you can expect to hit a Blackjack once every 21 hands on average.
  • When the dealer is showing an Ace upcard, there is a 31% chance that the dealer has Blackjack. 
  • You can expect to win at least 48% of the hands you play. But this number goes up when you use Blackjack Strategy to boost your game.
  • On average you can expect a hard 12 to 17 value hand with 43% of the hands you are dealt. These hand values typically lose but basic Blackjack strategy can help you. 
  • If you are dealt 3 consecutive hands, there is only a 14% chance that you will lose all three.
  • The dealer busts 28% of the time but often wins when busting, while players using basic Blackjack strategy bust just 16% of the time. 
  • Blackjack card sharks only have a 1% edge or less over the house.
There are many incredible hands that get dealt during typical Blackjack sessions. Try a few and see for yourself why Blackjack is the most exciting casino card game at 777! 

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