Casino Entertainment Gone Wild

Casino Entertainment Gone Wild

Whether it is prospect of a new ‘sin city’ full of gambling pleasure, casino fundraising events, or the latest gossip about a celebrity at the casino – people are drawn to the prospect of a bit of good luck and a nearly guaranteed ‘good’ time. Two notable fundraisers with the goal of making money for very worthy causes will ultimately help others in two different ways. Eva Longoria, former Desperate Housewives star hosted her 5th annual charity event for “Eva’s Heroes” to help children with intellectual special needs. Another exciting fundraiser is “” which raises funds to help the “Peach Through Sports” organization bring children of different cultures and ethnicities together to play team-oriented sports. 


Furthermore, and in the spirit of good, clean gambling enjoyment at the casino, LSU football team members were observed taking in a bit of ‘down’ time at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans and Bourbon Street. Meanwhile, in Spain, after vying for the contracts to build a massive gaming city that will rival Las Vegas, US, Madrid seems to have it ‘in the bag’. The $21 billion quasi-reproduction of sin city will create many urgently needed new jobs as Spain’s economy is also reeling from the housing/real estate market crash that resulted in many homes left empty, unable to be sold. The unemployment rate in Spain is nearly 25% - the highest rate in the entire Eurozone of 17 countries. 

Raising Money with the Potential for Enticing Jackpots

Eva Longoria will host a Celebrity Casino Night in October at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa, San Antonio. The grand prize for the Texas Hold’em tournament is something that is touted to be so great that it remains a ‘secret’ for now. Along with the Texas Hold’em tournament there will be numerous additional casino games available. Several celebrities will be featured, as well as some poker pros, live and silent auctions, and food and drinks made by some of the best chefs on the globe! The funds raised will benefit the youth of “Eva’s Heroes’”, co-founded by Longoria to assist teenagers and young adults with intellectual special needs to be more independent and integrated into mainstream community. Longoria attributed her involvement to her developmentally disabled sister who inspired her. Mario Lopez will be on hand for the 5th annual casino night, as will Phil Hellmuth, professional poker player.


Phil Hellmuth is also offering poker lessons as part of a charity fundraiser on the web. offers bidding opportunities for a broad variety of items and events, from sports to celebrity meetings. Poker lessons can now be bid on – compliments of poker pro Hellmuth and his contribution to yet another benevolent cause.   Peach Through Sports is an organization that offers sports to children from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds to play sports together.   The bidding doesn’t start cheap, however, as the estimated value of the poker lessons with Hellmuth and the two night ‘poker escape’ includes accommodations at the ARIA Sky Suites. Check out the bidding opportunities at and think “All-In”.

Everyone Loves to Gamble! Come One, Come All!

If the charity events are not enough to feed your gaming hunger, there’s plenty more to check out on the casino front. One never knows just what celebrity or sports figures they may encounter at the casino because it would seem that everyone loves to gamble! Even if it should have been time to prepare and rest for an intense football game, numerous LSU football players were spotted at Harrah’s Casino and Bourbon Street the night before LSU went head to head with Alabama at the Superdome in New Orleans. Trent Richardson, LSU’s stellar running back, in particular, was seen at Harrah’s around 11:00pm for a bit of ‘pre-game warm-ups’. Although the football players actually have a 12am or 1am curfew they made time to cruise the Bourbon Street and stop at the casino. According to an inside source, Richardson encountered his coach while ‘out-and-about’, promptly excusing himself to be sure he was in by curfew. It may have been surprising to witness football players gambling at the casino, but the truth of the matter is that it was all in good fun. 


After all, gambling is a prominent recreational ‘sport’, of sorts and gaming enthusiasts often find appeal in a variety of sporting events and activities. So much so, in fact, that on an entirely different continent, as the football players hit the casino’s in New Orleans, Madrid, Spain is gearing up for the strong potential that they have ‘sacked’ the competition as the location of a ‘gambling city’ rivaling Las Vegas! With Barcelona out of the running, Madrid could very well be the next ‘sin city’! Casino entrepreneur Sheldon Adelson has intentions of building a dozen hotel and casino’s in what is thought to be his ‘preferred’ location, Madrid. The hotels will feature 36,000 luxurious rooms, 18,000 slot machines, and three huge golf courses. More proof positive that ‘if you build it, they will come’! Local politicians may eagerly welcome the astronomical construction project that will bring viable new employment opportunities to a city that suffers from the 25% unemployment rate that Spain encountered when the real estate market bottomed out, leaving empty and ‘unsold’ homes scattered throughout the city.


The Sands Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Adelson’s own company, bid on the estimated $21 billion construction endeavor. The Sands is willing to make a 35% contribution to the overall project which means that Madrid must raise the remainder of the money to push ahead with plans. Adelson expressed a desire to be provided with tax breaks and exemptions from local labor laws in order to move ahead. Additionally, he proposed that, despite a nationwide smoking ban in public facilities, patrons be allowed to smoke freely inside the casinos. While the plans are still in the early stages of development, the project would open up an estimated quarter of a million jobs at a time when those jobs are desperately needed. Adelson’s company is well aware of the current financial crisis in Spain and will consider that aspect carefully as plans for the “new” sin city unfold.