Characteristics of Top Casino Players

Characteristics of Top Casino Players

Non-gamblers might be interested to know professional casino gamblers aren’t simply betting on their skills at the Blackjack table or luck to win. No, professional casino gamblers have more than just skill – they have flexibility and a sound thought process. Those casino gamblers may not be able to tell us all they know, so the following list deals out the top 10 characteristics of successful casino gamblers.

Characteristic No. 1

They take risks. Casino gamblers know risk is just part of the game. Non-gamblers may believe risk-taking is an automatic loss. Risk is looked at as an opportunity to win, not lose. Professional casino gamblers recommend taking smart risks, which could include having a mathematical edge on casino card games or placing a bet after losing a couple of hands. Losing doesn’t mean risk-taking is out of the question. Be prepared to take risks in casino gaming.  

Characteristic No. 2

They practice financial management. Over 53 million people alone gambled in the U.S. in 2009. The breakdown between the number of professional gamblers and amateurs is unknown, however, it was noted professional casino gamblers are more invested in their futures than non-gamblers. Professional casino gamblers have it down to a science – they know exactly how much cash they are going to spend and how long they want it to last before walking into a casino. They even calculate how much they are going to bet on a particular hand. Generous bankrolls for casino gaming are recommended in case of a losing streak.

Characteristic No. 3

They are patient. Gamblers that are out of control have two things in common – impatience and greed. Likewise, successful casino gamblers are both patient and aggressive. Poker players, for example, will wait for the right cards and as they’re dealt, professional poker players will be become more aggressive in their betting. These casino gamblers are emotionally intelligent – they possess certain skills to advance their game.  

Characteristic No. 4

They do their research. Even professional casino gamblers don’t know everything there is to know about gaming and so, they keep learning. Gaming is progressive – there is always something new to learn. If you are partial to one game, Blackjack let’s say, learn as much as you can. Videos and good reads about Blackjack are easy to find on the Internet. In addition, mix up your gaming experience by learning a different game from time to time. Learning can enrich your casino gaming experience.

Characteristic No. 5

They keep everybody else guessing. Bluffing in casino gaming is typically a given. There are some who overuse bluffing and others who won’t bluff at all. The professional casino gambler uses a strategy to bluff and most likely, his opposing players never know when he’s going to bluff. You should bluff, but do it in a way that leaves the other gamblers wondering when or if you are going to bluff. Studies have found gamblers who bluff all of the time or none of the time lose more than gamblers who use bluffing to their advantage.

Characteristic No. 6

They believe they will win. You may have noticed professional casino gamblers have an air about them that exudes confidence. Pushing all gaming superstitions aside, like whether you kept your legs crossed or not at a table or wore that red shirt bought specifically for gaming, professionals take their luck to heart. They believe they are lucky. If a professional casino gambler has a losing streak, it’s not devastating. Professional casino gamblers believe losing streaks are just part of the game, like bluffing.

Characteristic No. 7

They are flexible. They understand the game and are willing to roll with it. Unpredictable cards don’t surprise them – they just think of another strategy because they are playing with their head. Professional casino gamblers make their decisions based on how the game is going. If it looks like they should fold, they do and eagerly anticipate the next hand. Professional gamblers never walk into a game blind. Gamblers wanting advice for a better game need to remember much of their positive experience will depend on their knowledge of how the game works.

Characteristic No. 8

They aren’t rushed. Don’t head to the casino and expect to win if you are limited on time. Your casino gaming should be given the time it needs. Let’s face it – you can’t expect to operate a new video game system the first time and win. It takes time to learn how the controllers and the game work. Only then can you play the game successfully. Gaming is similar. Give yourself enough time to warm up to the casino and the games you want to play. Don’t walk away a loser just because you didn’t have time.

Characteristic No. 9

 They’re a little selfish. In order to have the time, you have to make the time. Casino gaming can be a fun experience. Professional gamblers are focused on what they want to accomplish – winning. The way they figure it, time is money. So they set aside time to budget, learn and play. It is no different for Olympians. In order to achieve, athletes adopt diets and exercise routines to earn gold medals. Professional casino gamblers work their sport into their everyday routines to grow their opportunities.

Characteristic No. 10

They’re level-headed. Using a steady thought process is crucial to being successful at casino gaming. Gaming has its highs and lows. How you deal with them will determine the outcome of your casino gaming experience. Professional gamblers are known for being self-disciplined. By remaining calm, they are able to execute intellectual decisions, therefore increasing their odds to win. If you start losing, don’t get angry. Watch the game because very soon, you will need to decide what your next move is.