Craps Myths

Craps Myths

The idea of craps has existed in some form or another since prehistoric times, when people used to play with animal bones. Seeing as how the game’s been around this long, craps has had plenty of time to develop its share of myths. Some of these craps myths are purely superstitions that are thought to bring good or bad luck, while others can actually cause you to lose money. Obviously we want to avoid the latter, so let’s take a look at some of the most common craps myths.

Craps Myth #1: Virgins can bring good or bad luck

One of the most common myths in the game centers on craps virgins (a.k.a. new players). Supposedly, a virgin can bring either good or bad luck to the table based on their gender. A new female player will bring good luck and cause everybody to win more money, while a new male brings bad luck along with lots of losses. This being said, some people will actually leave a table if a guy says he’s a new craps player.

Craps Myth #2: Being the first to an empty table will cause you to lose

Continuing on the superstition path, many craps players swear that you’ll lose if you open an empty table. The idea behind this theory is that the dice are cold, and the first player to this empty table will need to warm them up. Long story short, you should let some other sucker warm the dice up for you. Of course, for those who favor logic over superstition, it doesn’t matter if you’re first or last to the table because odds remain the same.

Craps Myth #3: You can beat the casino by varying bets

Moving away from the superstitions for a moment, one common craps strategy that players believe in is varying their bets to beat the casino. More specifically, if you’re on a hot streak, you are supposed to increase your bet sizes to take advantage of this momentum. But if you have lost a lot of bets in a row, you’re supposed to decrease your wagers to minimize losses. What’s important to understand here is that you’re facing the same house edge no matter how much you bet on a particular roll. Also, it’s dangerous to raise your bets too high on hot streaks if you’re dealing with a small bankroll.

Craps Myth #4: Touching or talking to a hot shooter will disrupt them

If a shooter is really hot with their dice rolls, you’re supposed to avoid any contact or conversation with them because it could disrupt their rhythm. Obviously this is just an irrational belief shared by the craps community, and has nothing concrete behind it. However, some people believe so strongly in this myth that it’s best to abide in order to avoid angering anybody.

Craps Myth #5: Online craps has no advantages over land-based craps

Those who prefer land-based craps sometimes claim that online craps has no advantages over the live version of the game. However, there are actually a few different online craps benefits that land-based casinos can’t offer such as the ability to play at your own speed, no travel/hotel costs, and the ease of finding odds bets. That said, you still have to give land-based casinos some credit for the exciting and sociable atmosphere they offer players.

Craps Myth #6: You should avoid being a “wrong” bettor

Many craps players enjoy betting with the shooter because it makes them feel like they’re on the same team; this is called right betting. In stark contrast to this are the wrong bettors who are wagering against the shooter with don’t pass line and don’t come bets. Based on the negative feedback that wrong bettors get from other players, it’s often recommended that you avoid wagering this way. However, you also gain a slight edge by being a wrong bettor, which makes it worth the effort to some players.

Craps Myth #7: Never say “Seven” when somebody’s rolling

Our last myth claims that saying the word “seven” while somebody is shooting will cause them to roll a seven, and make the majority of bettors at the table lose. Like all craps superstitions, this one is pretty silly because the mere suggestion of a number won’t cause it to be rolled. But if you’re looking to avoid any arguments with fellow players, it’s best to avoid saying seven when the dice are being rolled.