An Exciting Game of Chance: Sic Bo Live Dealer

An Exciting Game of Chance: Sic Bo Live Dealer

There is a casino game that is for many online players somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that it has a rich history – spanning hundreds of years in ancient china. But one thing’s for sure: Sic Bo is a game that is best played fast and furious. And because it’s readily available online, it can now be enjoyed from the comforts of home. The trick to enjoying Sic Bo is to play the live version of it. Live Sic Bo is all the rage and players can enjoy the Sic Bo experience as if it were being played at a real-life casino. Live Sic Bo is enjoyed by way of setting up Sic Bo tables, complete with real-life dealers.


Enjoying Live Dealer Sic Bo


Live Sic Bo is enjoyed via live video stream and this means that players are not dealing with any pre-recorded material. These games of Sic Bo are played in real time. Players are tasked with making bets on the Sic Bo platform and then waiting for the results to come in. Players are even able to chat with the Sic Bo dealers and players too. Sic Bo bets are made up of the sum of the totals on all three dice. The Big Dice roll with totals of 11 through 17 and the Small Dice rolls with totals of between 4 and 10.


But there are many other ways to enjoy Sic Bo. These include odds or even totals, selecting sets of three numbers, opting for doubles etcetera. It has been noted that bets with specific pairs are the poorest performing bets to select. Casino players will find Sic Bo listed at top-tier online casinos such as 888casino. The game is enjoyed amongst fans the world over and despite the fact that it’s not as ubiquitous as live dealer baccarat, craps or roulette, it is a game that is thoroughly enjoyed wherever it is found. The live dealer version of Sic Bo is rare, but standard Sic Bo games are a dime a dozen.

Opt-in for Live Dealer Sic Bo Games

The thrill inherent in Live Dealer Sic Bo outstrips the regular format of the game, hands down. Sic Bo dealers get the players amped up with chit-chat, smiles and fun-time gaming. There’s absolutely no need to be bored stiff with RNG-generated outcomes – the games are played with conviction and enthusiasm. The fact of the matter is that players trust Live Dealer Sic Bo over and above the RNG-based outcomes.  Players wanting to get started on games of Sic Bo are advised to read up on the game and then sign up for a real-money online casino gaming account. Typical online casinos provide generous sign-up bonuses as incentives to players to get started. The rest is a roll of the dice and windfall winnings.