Hottest Casinos in Asia

Hottest Casinos in Asia

Overshadowing the wild glitz of Las Vegas, today’s hottest gambling meccas have lit up the Asian skies.  Globally, four of the main gaming money-makers are located in Macau, Kuala Lumpur, South Korea and Singapore.   

Champion of the Gambling Universe

Macau currently holds the title as the global hot spot with the highest revenue.  Gambling is the primary source of revenue for this beautiful island.  The money that has been poured into Macau casinos has been well-invested.  The natural grandeur and casino neon blend well to create a breath-taking gaming experience.

Gambling enjoyment is the entire focus in Macau.  There is nothing missing in terms of gaming pleasure at Macau casinos.  From Texas Hold’Em to the exciting Sic Bo, gaming vacations on the island include every popular casino game within an environment encased in luxury. 

The Galaxy Macau is a prime example of the opulence afforded in this gambling mecca.  The private beach owned by the Galaxy, along with its five outdoor pools, are only the start of the attractions that draw visitors by the thousands.  This hotel and casino provides world-class restaurants and scenic beauty that is second to none.

Gaming enthusiasts also enjoy the full-spectrum gambling and extraordinary setting of the Casino Lisboa.  This top Macau casino includes the Grand Lisboa, six sumptuous restaurants and a nightclub.  Vacation life is complete for Casino Lisboa visitors.  Everything that any player could hope for, is situated within this extravagant hotel and casino. 

In total, Macau is home to 30 different casinos, each with unique features and outstanding service.  Thousands of visitors flock to the greyhound racing and horseracing tracks.  The Canidrome and Jockey Club are popular tourist destinations.  Macau offers a fantastic gambling vacation, packed full of all-around gaming pleasure.  No one who visits this amazing mecca wonders why it is the number 1 gaming revenue maker in the world.  

Genting Highlands in Malaysia

A short ride away from Kuala Lumpur is an extraordinary casino named Genting Highlands.  This is the only brick & mortar in Malaysia that constitutes a legal gaming establishment.  The Genting is an extravagant addition to the Resorts World emporium.  Located on a hilltop, the complex includes many restaurants, hotels and centres offering worldwide events.  Bring the kids, and enjoy a family excursion at the huge theme park on the Genting Highlands grounds.  For those who are thinking of visiting Malaysia, this is the place to spend some prime gambling days or weeks…or longer.

South Korea opens its Gaming Doors

Unique in its gambling taboos, South Korea has enacted a law prohibiting its own residents from gaming in South Korean casinos, with the sole exception of the Kangwon Casino.  For visitors seeking to soak up the local culture, the Kangwon, very near to Seoul, is the place to gamble.  However, in addition to the Kangwon, the country has a whole host of gaming establishments.    

Tourists interested in spending some enjoyable time at a casino, will be thrilled with the relatively large number of exciting brick & mortars located in South Korea.  The city of Seoul and Jeju-do Island house most of the casinos. 

The largest of the brick & mortars found in South Korea is the Paradise Casino Walker Hill.  This plush and glitzy gaming establishment wondrously offers gift events in accordance with the Korean tradition of gifting its guests.  The public showing of appreciation on the part of the casino, is in fact very much appreciated by players within the midst of Paradise.  It is easy to see why new and returning visitors have made this particular casino one of the most popular in Asia over the past half century.

For many players, the serenity of Jeju-do Island is the call of the gaming world.  Tourists wake up amid the natural beauty of island living, and add gambling entertainment to their daily pleasures.  Eight different casinos, each home to a unique ambiance, welcome the many visitors that happily cross their thresholds.

The Major Gambling Treat of Singapore 

Two mega casinos grace the environment of Singapore.  The Marina Bay Sands Resort is considered to be one of the three hottest gambling spots in the world.  Vying with Macau and Las Vegas for the premiership of the gaming universe, Marina Bay comprises an enormous complex of every imaginable material element.  This amazing casino lights up the night. 

Three enormous towers are topped by the SkyPark terrace, giving players a complete circular view of the city of Singapore.  The pool, aptly referred to as Infinity, is an exciting tourist attraction in and of itself.  Add the nightclubs, lush gardens, world-class restaurants, globe’s largest casino atrium and an assortment of celebrity boutiques and every player is ensconced in luxury at every moment of a fantastic gaming vacation. 

The incredible Marina Bay Sands Resort offers Southeast Asia’s most massive light and water exhibit.  Players enjoy the ice rink, and experience the pleasure of sailing from one boutique to the next, on an Asian sampan along a picturesque canal.  It is an understatement to observe that Marina Bay presents the ultimate gaming experience for every visitor.

Sentosa Island in Singapore houses the Resorts World Sentosa.  Its huge complex rivals every casino worldwide.  Several hotels and many restaurants accompany this massive casino.  Visitors love the Universal Studios theme park along with Candylicious.  As its name implies, Candylicious is one of the biggest candy shops situated in all of Asia.  Recently added to the complex are a water park, Equarius; as well as the globe’s biggest oceanarium, Marine Life Park.  Resorts World Sentosa aims to present the greatest in scenic luxury and gaming pleasure.

Best Asian Games

The three casino game standouts are Sic Bo, Pachinko and Mahjong.  These games offer an entertaining challenge to global players.

Sic Bo – The name itself is intriguing.  Sic Bo in English means pair of dice.  The game is also referred to as Tai Sai (Big/Small), Dai Siu (Lucky Dice), Hi Lo and big & small.  Shake three regular dice in a small container and total the result.  That’s Sic Bo. 

The usual wagers involve a Big bet on an outcome of 11 to 17; and Small bet on an outcome in the range of 4 to 10.  Win or lose, Sic Bo is easy to play, simple to compute and exciting.

Pachinko – This popular Japanese game is simply pinball.  The goal is to fill the right pockets with as many balls as possible.  Unlike its pinball cousin that was played for points and points only, Pachinko is played for money.  Many players gamble big bankrolls on this fun game, and some walk away with huge winnings.

Mahjong – China is the source of this globally famous game.  Four players bring to the mahjong table their knowledge of game rules, strategies and skills.  This is a card game that appeals to players who love a challenge and play to win.

Casinos in the mystical Orient offer Western and Asian games alike.  The unique and luxurious setting of each brick & mortar in Asia provides a major attraction for global players looking for the thrill of the game.