Keno Tips

Keno Tips

One of the biggest pieces of general casino gaming advice out there is to stay away from keno. After all, keno gives the house a pretty big edge (usually around 25%), and there’s not much you can do to influence the outcome of the casino game. You just pick your lucky numbers and hope that they get drawn. This being said, there are still a few things you can do to play casino keno better than the next gamer. But before we get into keno tips that will help you play better, let’s take a look at what doesn’t work.

Bad Keno Strategies

One of the most common keno tips involves picking numbers that haven’t been called in a while. The thinking behind this strategy revolves around the idea that non-called numbers are bound to come up eventually. But the truth of the matter is that every casino keno number is independent of the last one, so past results have no effect on future results. In short, don’t expect to experience any more success by selecting non-called numbers.

There are also plenty of mathematical formulas that are supposedly the key to beating keno games. Some people even charge money for their “fool-proof” formulas that will make you a winner. But in reality, these formulas won’t get you any farther than randomly picking numbers because there is no real way to gain a mathematical edge in keno.

Another piece of stupid keno advice is to play consecutive numbers because many players believe that winners are often called consecutively. And while picking consecutive keno numbers won’t hurt your chances of winning, this won’t help you win more either. Now that we’ve got the negative stuff out of the way, let’s move on to some useful keno strategy.

Good Keno Tips

As mentioned before, there is no special set of numbers or formula that will turn you into a casino keno winner. But don’t get discouraged because here are a few things you can do to improve your odds of winning a huge keno prize.

Set a Pre-determined Bankroll: The biggest thing that will help you get a leg up on other keno players is setting a pre-determined bankroll. So instead of just hopping online or walking into a keno parlor with your wallet open, you would only bring a pre-determined amount of money into the games. In live keno play, this means bringing just enough money with you to play a certain amount of tickets. In online keno, you shouldn’t put any more funds into your account than you can afford to lose.

Set Win/Loss Limits: Just like any other gambling game, the thrill and excitement of keno can be pretty addictive. And when casino keno addiction comes into play, it’s tough to quit playing no matter how much money you win or lose. This is why it’s strongly recommended that you set both win and loss limits in keno where you quit after reaching either limit. Since keno payments normally come in large lump sums, you’ll usually be hitting the loss limit first. So if you are playing $1 tickets, a reasonable loss limit would be $50 since this gives you plenty of chances to win. Likewise, you could also set a win limit of at least $50; so if you hit this limit you would walk away.

Hunt for the Best Keno Odds: This is a no-brainer because you should be constantly looking for the best odds in any form of gambling. However, it’s surprising how many people will sacrifice favorable odds and increased potential payouts for convenience. In fact, most gamblers simply play keno at the first land-based or online casino that they come across. If you fall into this category, you seriously need to be doing a little more research before settling on a casino. The odds you get can make all the difference between hitting several big payouts, and walking away with hardly any winnings.