Las Vegas Casinos cashing in on Pool Parties

Las Vegas Casinos cashing in on Pool Parties

Pool parties have always been a big draw for resorts around the world. And nowhere has this been more true lately than in Las Vegas, where casinos are capitalizing on pool parties in a huge way! Of course, it’s not just Sin City casinos that are reveling in the success of these parties because those attending them love the vibrant, energizing events. This being said, here is a look at what you can expect from these poolside bashes, as well as how Las Vegas is making some major rake from them.

Party Time

As alluded to in the intro, Vegas pool parties are full of energy. Some of the things that you can expect to find at these places include cabanas, club music, DJ’s and lots of alcohol. In addition to these essentials, you’ll also see Sin City pool parties treated like major nightclubs, where roped-off areas and VIP sections await. Basically, the same crowds that love nightclubs also enjoy having fun in the sun too….as long as there are plenty of drinks nearby.


Celebrities Welcome

What would a major party be without celebrities? You’ll find many of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities sitting by the Vegas pools when a party is going on. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton, you are sure to see plenty of the hottest celebs having a great time with everybody else.

Beach Bodies

Celebrities aren’t the only good-looking people you’ll see attending these extravaganzas because there are plenty of hard bodies to go around. Your typical Las Vegas pool partiers will be guys who could pass for bodybuilders, and bikini-clad women who regularly land on magazine pages. Of course, this doesn’t mean that non-god-like patrons can’t still get into the party; however, they’ll need plenty of money to foot the bill, which we’ll cover next.

Cover Charge

If you know anything about Las Vegas nightclubs, then you know that getting in isn’t cheap. And even if you do manage to get past the bouncer, you’ve only begun to open your checkbook. This is also the case at the average pool party, where you’re looking at a $100-$300 cover charge, plus several hundred dollars more if you want to buy a bottle of alcohol. Assuming you want to get out of the sun and under a cabana, this will run you another $300-$2,000. An extra requirement for the cabana is that people have to purchase thousands of dollars in food and drinks.

With these prices, it’s no wonder why Vegas casinos continue to run huge pool parties. When all of the revenue from these parties is tallied up, experts estimate that Sin City casinos are drawing in a collective $100 million-plus for the casinos. Now that we’ve covered the basics of Vegas pool fiestas, here is a look at some of the biggest events out there.

Rehab - Hard Rock Beach Club

Rehab started it all in 2004 when the Hard Rock Beach Club ran a week’s worth of drunken festivities. Today, Rehab is at the top of the Sin City pool game since it draws over 5,000 people on the busiest days. Seeing as how this event entices a large volume of people, this is one of the more “reasonably-priced” parties that you’ll find with drink prices around $10. And you’d better be prepared to buy plenty of beverages here because Rehab is full of drinkers.

Wet Republic - MGM Grand

Wet Republic is slightly smaller than Rehab, but this works to the advantage of those who want a more relaxed atmosphere. Of course, this isn’t to say that people won’t find excitement here because Wet Republic offers DJ’s and plenty of quality atmosphere.

Encore Beach Club - The Wynn

There are lots of luxurious cabanas and bungalows at Encore, which works great for those who have several thousand dollars to spend. Both the cabanas and bungalows offer TV’s and delicious food for the temporary residents. And even the people who can’t afford an expensive cabana will still be able to enjoy some delicious barbeque.

Ditch Fridays - The Palms

Ditch Fridays has the element of beach beauties working in its favor since this party always features multiple Playboy bunnies. Besides the nice visuals, partiers can also appreciate the fact that some of the cabanas here go as cheap as $100-$300. Also, Ditch Fridays offers one of the more laid-back pool party scenes too.