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Get ready for excitement and big winning potential with Live Baccarat. Our exclusive online casino features two exciting variants of Live Baccarat for you to enjoy – Standard Baccarat and Baccarat VIP. These games are peppered with interactive elements to keep you interested. Plus, there are myriad features that allow for maximum enjoyment on smartphones, tablets and PC-based platforms. Play Las Vegas’ most thrilling casino card game at the click of a button, anytime you desire!

Main Features:

  • Real live dealers
  • Pairs side bets
  • Play multiple live games simultaneously
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Features of Live Baccarat Games

Live Baccarat showcases several unique bets to spice up the game even more. First off, you can enjoy Pairs Side Bets by clicking on the Pairs button. Two distinct betting options will be revealed to you – Banker Pair and Player Pair. This is an additional wager allowing you to profit if you believe the Banker or the Player will form a pair. The payoff for this bet is 11:1. For Live Baccarat fans, there simply is no substitute for this high roller game. 

Baccarat is different to Blackjack since you can never go bust in Baccarat. You can place wagers on either the Player or the Banker in Baccarat and the objective is to pick the hand that will get as close to 9 as possible. Any hand value exceeding 9 simply has the left digit deducted from it. The other bet is known as a Tie Bet and it pays 8:1. You can take this wager if you believe the value of the Player bet will equal the value of the Banker bet. Numbers 2 – 9 have their face value, Royals and 10s assume a value of 0 and Aces are 1. 

The hand values in Baccarat are unlike anything in other games. Say you’re dealt 7 + 5 as your first two cards. The total of the cards is 12, but any value over 9 needs to have the left digit subtracted. This leaves you with a hand value of 2. Likewise a King + 9 is equal to 9 – a natural. The bets most likely to come good are Banker bets and this is why the Vigorish is 5% on Banker bets at land-based casinos. There is no commission taken on Player bets. 

Now that you know the rules of Live Baccarat, take the next step and play Live Baccarat at 777. Experience the majestic appeal of this thrilling casino table game today! 

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