The Most Unbelievable Bets

The Most Unbelievable Bets

Most people love the thrill of winning money but winning a poker game has become a somewhat ordinary activity. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who are always looking for a new, exciting and unique bet to make. Nowadays, there is no telling what people will bet on!

The Most Amazing Novelty Bet

In 1989, a Welshman made a £30 bet that the following would come true by the year 2000:

  • U2 would remain together
  • Eastenders, Neighbours and Home and Away would be on television still
  • Cliff Richards would be knighted

After 11 years, the man won £194,400 – the biggest novelty bet won in history. 

Single Spin Win

Ashley Revell was dedicated to the phrase ‘bet on black’ and sold his belongings and emptied his savings to put a total of $135,300 on a single roulette spin – luckily for Revell, he put it all on red.

1...2...3... Fight Bet

Jonny Moss wanted to test the odds and throw a haymaker at another man who said he had never been defeated in a fight. Moss’s friends gave odds of 15 to 1 which apparently was a safe bet to make as Moss landed himself in the hospital with bruises, fractured bones and a much lighter wallet.

Making $1 Million from a Social Security Check

According to the famous Vegas legend, in 1995 a man has lost his wife, his house and had not even showered for days. The man received a $400 social security check and decided to test his luck at the Treasure Island Casino. As legend has it, the man won $1 million playing Blackjack but then lost all his winnings to the casino, including his $400 social security check. 

Craps Takes It All

William Lee Berstrom decided to bet a whopping $777,000 in a game of craps. Initially, Berstrom won but he continued to play until he lost everything he had. 

Meat-Eating Vegan

WSOP winner Howard Lederer was morbidly obese and was told by his doctor he would need to become a vegan and have gastric bypass surgery to save his own life. Lederer decided to follow through and lost an amazing 75 pounds. Poker player David Grey decided to bet $10,000 that Lederer would not eat a cheeseburger. Unfortunately for Grey, it was not a good bet to make as he lost every cent of his wager.

Win $100,000 by Moving to Des Moines

John Hennigan despises ‘normal people’ and the quiet life. A group of his friends made a $100,000 bet that Hennigan could not live in Des Moines, Iowa for an entire 6 weeks. As it turns out, this would a sound bet to make because Hennigan returned to Las Vegas after spending 2 days in Des Moines. 

The Weight Loss Bet

Doyle Brunson was bet that he could not bring his weight down to below 300 pounds. This 10 to 1 bet against Brunson was taken up by several gamblers who contributed a total of $100,000 to the bot. Brunson went onto several diet plans and eventually collected his $1 million prize. 

Richard Branson: Flight Attendent

The owner of Virgin Airlines, Richard Branson made a bet that his racing team could beat the Lotus team – the loser had to dress up as a flight attendant on the winner’s airline for one day.

450 Hot Dogs and $1500

Two university students placed a $1500 bet to see who could eat the most hot dogs in a single month. After the month passed and 450 hot dogs were eaten, Jim Harrison proudly took his winnings.

Male Breast Implants for $100,000

Brian Zembic of Canada decided to get breast implants to win a $100,000 bet in 1996. Zembic was also bet $15,000 that he could not stay in a bathroom for 1 month – he won that bet. Today, Zembic still has the implants and is $100,000 richer. 

Evel Knievel’s Final Bet

In 1998, Evel Knievel was diagnosed with hepatitis C and decided to bet $10,000 that he would live longer than his doctor. Unfortunately, Evel Knievel died in 2007 and it is unknown if his doctor received the winnings. 

Cancer Patient Bets on His Life

Jon Matthews was diagnosed with cancer and doctors believed he only had a few months to live. Matthews took this as a bet and won $16,600 for the first two years but sadly he died in his third year. 

The Wife Bet

A Russian man decided to bet his wife in an attempt to stay in a poker game in 2007. Unfortunately, Andrei Karipov lost the following hand to Sergey Brodov. Karipov’s wife was so angry at him that she divorced him and began a relationship with Sergey.

Lucky 23

A man went to the Palace Casino on the Isle of Man for his 23rd birthday and bet on 23 with £23 at 23:23 on September 23rd, 1992 – the man won £800.