New Poker Slots Game thinks like People

New Poker Slots Game thinks like People

For years, it seemed like casinos were content to force-feed the same old slots and video poker games to players. And why not since the beckoning of potential riches had always been enough to draw players to casinos in the past. But we live in a new era of casino gaming now, and some players are interested in more than just mindlessly pushing buttons while following basic strategy.

Instead, they want to play casino games where some element of skill exists, and/or new gaming technology is being used. Now we’ve seen some big developments recently in this sector with slots, and it looks like more creative changes are on the way with a human-like poker slots game called Texas Hold’em Heads Up Video Poker. Without further delay, let’s take an in-depth look at this nearly-human poker slots machine, and find out how it works.

Reading your Opponent

One of the unique things about poker is that it involves playing fellow humans who use complex thought processes to make decisions. This differs greatly from traditional electronic casino games, which operate based on a random number generator (RGN) and computer programming. However, a mathematical code can’t equal the same interaction you get when two people are making reads off of each other in a poker game.

But that’s exactly what a game design company called International Game Technology seeks to change with Texas Hold’em Heads Up Video Poker. This game is quite unique for two reasons: 1) Texas Hold’em Heads Up is programmed to think like a human, and 2) it’s operated through a slots game.

As for the first point, International Game Technology has implemented neural net technology, which is a mathematical formula that causes the game to include more human behavioral patterns. In short, this Texas Hold’em game will make typical poker actions such as bluffing, analyzing your play, and pausing before acting. In fact, the game screen even reads “Thinking” when it’s trying to make a tough decision.

What’s extra nice about Texas Hold’em Heads Up is that it gives you the chance to play against an opponent that’s similar to a human, yet you don’t have to sit at the poker table. This is very appealing to those who would normally feel intimidated in a live poker setting, and it’s likely to gain more popularity in coming years.

WSOP Debut

Unlike some of the advanced casino gaming technology that’s being discussed right now, Texas Hold’em Heads Up Video Poker has already been unveiled to the general public. Before the 2011 WSOP Main Event final table began playing, International Game Technology made their slots machine available to visitors and media members. And according to word of mouth, the poker slots game seemed to be a big hit among those who played it.

One of the most likeable aspects of Texas Hold’em Heads Up includes the fact that there are several nice options with the game. Some of the interesting things that players can do with this Texas Hold’em game include looking at the computer opponent’s hole cards after non-showdown hands, doubling the betting action, and picking your virtual good luck charms. Of course, this is all just an appetizer for the neural net technology involved, which has been advancing at a rapid pace over the years.

How Far can Neural Net Technology go?

The technology that will be used in Texas Hold’em Heads Up Video Poker is definitely exciting, and shows how far casino gaming has come since the computer can play somewhat like a human. Of course, neural net technology doesn’t completely replicate the process of playing against a fellow human opponent, so there is definitely some growth left in this industry.

The ultimate goal of neural networking is to create computer programs that behave exactly like people, but so far, researchers haven’t even been able to totally replicate simple animal thoughts. So the key to advancing neural net technology will be getting computers to recognize the same patterns that animals and human brains utilize. When this happens, you could be seeing some amazing advancements in casino games that will really give players a feeling of human interaction.

But until that day comes, we’ll have to settle for games replicating simpler thought processes such as pausing to make poker plays and bluffing.