Online Casino Craps Advantages

Online Casino Craps Advantages

When many people think of craps, they imagine a large crowd gathered around the table cheering on the shooter, and praying that their bets come through. Taking this vision into account, some consider craps to be the most exciting casino game available. Unfortunately, online craps can’t provide the big crowds and cheering people that land-based casinos do. However, there are a number of other benefits that online craps has over the land-based version, and here’s a look at them.

No Travel Involved

The biggest drawback to playing craps at a land-based casino is the fact that you have to drive or fly to the destination. Assuming the latter is the case, you’ll probably end up spending thousands of dollars on plane tickets and a hotel room - not to mention the meals and gambling expenses. But at an online casino, you can cut out the travel costs, which allows you to focus all of your money on the actual craps table. This in turn gives you a much better chance to make profits with the game.

Find Cool Craps Variations

Those who are bored with playing the same old craps game can definitely appreciate the fact that some online casinos offer different craps variations. For example, you can find Crapless Craps (2, 3, 12 aren’t craps on come out roll), Die Rich Craps (played with one dice) and Simplified Craps (players always win/lose with same numbers) at online casinos. Now there are also land-based casinos that offer craps variations, but you have to plan specific trips just to play.

Find Odds Bets

One of the biggest things preached in craps strategy is that you should make odds bets assuming the option is given. If you’re unfamiliar with odds bets, you can back pass line bets with them, and they don’t provide the house with any edge. So if you made a 1X odds bet on your pass line wager (1.41% house edge), the house edge would now only be 0.85% total; with a 2X odds bet, the house edge would be reduced to 0.61%. Much like with the previously discussed craps variations, it’s much easier to go casino hopping online in search of the best odds bets.

Play in your Underwear

If you went into a casino with your underwear on, you wouldn’t make it past the doormen; if you want to roll out of bed and play online craps in your underwear, this is no problem at all! With this being said, the simple fact that you don’t have to get dressed to play online craps is another big benefit.

Get Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are well known among gamblers for the frequent bonuses they offer. And you’ll be able to take advantage of many of these bonuses while playing online craps. Contrasting this to land-based casinos, internet craps players don’t get in on promotions and bonuses as frequently, and they have to ask the casino staff about important events if they want to be a part of the action.

Play Faster

There is a lot of extracurricular activity involved with land-based craps, such as everybody getting a turn to throw the dice, and the stickman having to collect the dice after each throw. Fortunately, you can cut all of this out in online craps because none of the extra actions are involved in this version; instead, you simply make your bets and choose to throw the dice. Furthermore, if you want to take a break and get something to eat, you can go do it and still pick up where you left off.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to playing internet craps that you just can’t find in casinos. But don’t totally rule out the land-based casinos because they can be fun for a number of reasons too.