Should you play Online Blackjack or Slots First?

Should you play Online Blackjack or Slots First?

When you’re hoping to win big in online casinos and also have a good time, the last thing that you’re thinking about is the order in which you play games. In fact, some players might consider ordering the way they play casino games during a session to be somewhat nerdy. However, there’s nothing nerdy about playing to the best of your abilities and winning profits. That said, those who play more than one casino game in a session should put some thought into what they choose first.

Skill vs. Chance

As most casino visitors know, there’s an obvious difference between certain games when it comes to skill. For example, when you play online blackjack, it’s important to know a lot of strategy in order to lower the house edge. On the other hand, players can get by in online slots without knowing much at all about the games. Going further, there’s not a ton of thought process that goes into selecting what options you want and spinning the reels.

Assuming you are going to play online blackjack and online slots in the same gaming session, we highly recommend that you sit down at the cyber blackjack tables first. The reason why is because you’re going to exert more mental effort when you play online blackjack since there are so many decisions involved. When you’re done playing blackjack, you can move to an online slots game because you don’t have to be as mentally sharp here.

Of course, this logic is useful beyond just when you play online blackjack and slots because there are other games where this skill disparity exists. For example, when deciding whether to play scratch cards or video poker first, sitting down to the video poker game would be optimal. The reason is simple: video poker is one of the more complicated casino games out there, so you need to have your wits in order to do well. In contrast, scratch cards are based purely on chance, and your decisions aren’t going to have a big effect on the outcome.

Don’t forget Bankroll Management

So far we’ve discussed how casino players should take on the skill-based games first to ensure that they’re fresh mentally and making smart decisions. However, this doesn’t mean that you should consider games like online slots a total afterthought because they contain strategy elements too.

Mostly these strategic elements are based on bankroll management and making wise decisions financially. For instance, if you’re playing keno with a $200 bankroll, chances are that you don’t want to bet all this money in a single session. So a good move would be to proportion your bankroll into different amounts that would be used for each session – i.e. keep $50 on hand every time you play online keno. If you were to win a lot of money, you could always increase this amount; however, until that happens stick to your bankroll management plan.

Consider how Long you can focus

The last topic that we’d like to discuss here revolves around how long you can focus during a session. More specifically, can you concentrate for an hour without losing focus? Are you able to play online casino games for three straight hours without getting distracted? Whatever the case may be, understanding how long you can coherently make bets/decisions is really important for those who play multiple casino games in a session.

The reason why is because you need to know your decision-making limits in order to divvy up your time correctly. To illustrate our point, let’s say that you often play online blackjack and baccarat in the same session, and you can realistically keep focus for about two hours. If your favorite game out of these two was blackjack, you could play this for the first hour and 15 minutes, then switch to baccarat for the remaining 45 minutes. Assuming you were going to play online slots, blackjack and baccarat, you could hit the blackjack tables for the first hour, and then play slots and baccarat for a half hour each.

Obviously you’re not always going to rigidly stick to these plans every time, but the general idea is to divide your time up and quit before you get sloppy with decisions. Rehashing our original point, it’s usually a good idea to play the toughest online casino games first before heading to the more luck-based selections. By combining this concept with an understanding of how long you can focus, you’ll be making much smarter decisions in the casino.