The Sun Never Sets on Live Dealer Casino Games

The Sun Never Sets on Live Dealer Casino Games

Entertainment realism is the order of the day at the world’s premier online casinos. In their efforts at providing the ultimate gaming experience to their patrons, online casino software developers have left no stone unturned. The finer online casinos have ramped up their offerings to include 3D casino games replete with fully customizable avatars, backgrounds and colour configurations for their casino players to enjoy.  Among the many changes being implemented at the top casino operators are the inclusion of live-dealer casino games. In this vein, multiple gaming varieties have been included in the live-dealer casino mix. These typically include: live dealer Baccarat, live dealer Blackjack, live dealer Craps and live dealer Slots. The latter category of live dealer games is especially exciting to online players.

Varieties of Live Dealer Games at Leading Online Casino Operators

Live dealer games are all the rage. Players are blessed with multiple gaming variants of their favourite card, table and slot games. Among the many leading online gaming operators,Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette sport the most live-dealer casino variants. One such leading online gaming operator – 888casino, provides a wealth of live dealer games to its patrons. Live Baccarat sports payout odds of 0.95:1 on banker bets, 1:1 on player bets and 8:1 on tie bets and pairs side bets. Another popular variant is premium Baccarat (featuring a 14-seat arrangement and a squeeze card). Another popular live-dealer Baccarat variant is Super Baccarat in a full screen format. On the Blackjack front, players can enjoy live dealer games with 7-seat Blackjack - dealt from 8 decks.  Blackjack pays out at odds of 3:2 and the dealer stands on all 17s. In the Roulette gaming arena, European Roulette is the featured attraction. This game has the best payout percentage to players owing to the single 0 in the game (unlike American Roulette which showcases a 00 and a 0, with lower player payout odds).

The Benefits of Live Dealer Casino Games

Players enjoy realism in their casino gaming endeavors. In this vein, online casinos have attempted to provide their patrons with as much casino realism as possible. Software has advanced to such a level that players can now effectively play real casino games with real life casino dealers, from the comforts of home. For many players, going to a real casino is simply not an option. The prohibitive costs incurred in travel, accommodation and related expenses preclude such activity. It is therefore in a player’s best interests to minimize these costs by way of live dealer casino games. Real dealers working from secure locations adorn the gaming arena. Players can simply use their webcams – with 100% safe and secure software technology – to play live dealer games online. Thus convenience is a big factor weighing into a player’s decision-making process. Another issue is that players needn’t get all dressed up to enjoy live-dealer games – they can be enjoyed from home. Players simply train their webcams on their faces and connect up to the secure server. The registration and login process is quick and easy. Simulated casino games simply don’t provide players with enough realism, enjoyment and interactivity as the live dealer games. Other benefits include the following:

·         No need to rely on Random Number Generators (RNGs) in the software programs

·         Engage in conversation, laughter and gaming with other players

·         Play alongside other players in live dealer casino games online

·         Learn the ropes while you’re playing live dealer games

·         Real-time interaction with the casino dealer