Table Games vs. Casino Slots

Table Games vs. Casino Slots

Many casinos consider slots to be their bread and butter, which is why you see these games spread throughout casino floors. And casinos wouldn’t be running so many slots games if they weren’t profiting by doing so. But that’s not to say table games offer an inferior quality of play, and many people prefer them over slots. So which is better? Let’s solve this debate by looking at the finer aspects of both gaming entities.

Slots Games aren’t intimidating to Players

One reason why casino operators spend so much time lining their floor with slots is because they attract massive amounts of players. And one of the big attractions to slots games is the fact that they’re extremely easy to play. After all, the only thing you really need to do is select your betting options and spin the reels. On the other hand, table games can be very intimidating to new players because there are lots of rule nuances, and they involve quite a bit of etiquette too. But if you can overcome the intimidation factor, the dealers can provide some help on the tables.

Table Games involve more Strategy

As mentioned in the first point, playing slots doesn’t take any extensive knowledge. However, the tables are a different story because many of these games involve a lot of strategy. For instance, blackjack contains lots of strategy, and depending on how you play the game, the house edge could swing between 0.5% and 3%. This being said, if you’re looking for something more brain-stimulating, then tables games are the answer.

Slots offer Bigger Jackpots

Some table games like Caribbean Stud and Spanish 21 give players the opportunity to win jackpots. But on average, these jackpots will be much smaller than what’s featured with slots jackpots. In fact, some jackpots are worth well over $1 million! Since this is the case, people who are looking to instantly get rich should play slots. Even if you aren’t looking to get rich, you can play the smaller games and still win jackpots worth $5k or $10k.

Table Games have Lower House Edges

While chasing big slots jackpots is fun and exciting, you should also consider that your proposed long-term winnings most likely lie with table games. As discussed before, blackjack offers a 0.5% house edge to players who use excellent basic strategy. Both baccarat and craps feature great house edges too since smart players will lower the edge to 1.06% and 1.41% respectively.

Slots let you relax Mentally

Even though people can lower the house edge with good strategy in table games, sometimes it’s just more enjoyable to let your mind go numb while playing. And if you’re looking for mindless entertainment, slots certainly offer this because of the absence of strategy involved. Of course, you should at least still find slots games with good payout percentages and payback frequencies.

Table Games offer more Interactivity

Unless you’re talking to the slots player next to you, which doesn’t happen a whole lot in casinos, slots is a pretty lonely game; it’s just you vs. the random number generator. However, table games normally feature crowds and other players at the table, so you get the opportunity to interact with other people. Now you may not meet your future best friend on the gambling tables, but at least you’ll have others to talk with.

Are Slots or Table Games the Best?

Based on the aforementioned points we’ve covered, you can see that slots and table games both have their good points. So it’s definitely hard to pick a clear winner here. But you could say that casual gamers/those hoping to get rich would be better suited with slots, while players who want to lower the house edge and be mentally stimulated will find the tables more entertaining.