The Las Vegas High Life

The Las Vegas High Life

If you are like most Vegas tourists, you look for a reasonably priced hotel with a nice casino, maybe something centrally located with easy access to the infamous strip. If it is lavish surroundings and the high-life of the big spenders that you seek, then check out some of the most luxurious accommodations, casinos, restaurants, and spas in Las Vegas! If you’re going, you might as well go in the ultimate style. Should you be one of the ‘high rollers’, they may just ‘comp’ your digs for you! If you don’t have that kind of cash to flash, you are still more than welcome to enjoy Vegas in ‘High-Roller’ style! Stash some extra getaway cash if you plan to live large because the lifestyles of the rich and famous certainly don’t come ‘cheap’. Consider some of these top-notch hot spots for your next Vegas weekend extravaganza and live the dream.

The Bellagio and Bellagio Villas

The most lavish high roller suites in the world are at the billion dollar Bellagio. Complete with a private gym, Italian garden with private chefs, sauna, salon, fully stocked bars, fireplaces and marble floors. High-Rollers are catered to in style and the nine extraordinary villas at the Bellagio offer a private staff of 130 – that’s 14 per suite – to cater to your every whim! Guests enjoy all these amenities and more for a mere $6,000 per night. 

The Palms

This one could be the ultimate in casinos and unique suite designs to please each guest. The theme suites such as the Hardwood feature a private basketball court, or an erotic suite designed just for lovers. The g-suite is a miniature version of the Palms Ghost Bar touted to be one of the best and hottest nightclubs in Vegas. With a full bar, glass balcony for dancers, and a stripper pole in the shower any guests you invite to the g-suite could have an eye-popping time at this ‘private’ club. Hit the real Ghost Bar and bring some friends back the mini g-suite for more dancing the night away. Prices may vary somewhat from suite to suite, but the Hardwood for basketball lovers goes for about $25,000 per night. Be sure to set a bit of money aside for gambling if you make this your getaway destination!

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Located on the 34th floor of the Fantasy Tower, this hot niche comes with a Jacuzzi for 25 and an eight foot rotating bed. Enjoy the pop-up plasma TV and the company of friends, many friends, in this little piece of playboy heaven. For just $40,000 a night, you could invite all of your friends and a few bunnies, as well!

Red Rock Casino

Viva Las Vegas at the Red Rock Viva Las Penthouse Suite! The relatively newer Red Rock Casino Resort and Hotel is situated just outside of town next to the stunning Red Rock Mountains. All of the rooms feature floor to ceiling windows with picturesque views and breathtaking ambiance. The ‘Eighty-One Suite’ offers 6,500 square feet of bliss with two beds inside and a marvelous outdoor balcony with a Jacuzzi, pool table, bar, and rotating couch. This is another great place to entertain some friends for a weekend of gambling and outdoor ambiance, Vegas style. The going price for a suite at the Red Rock is $10,000 per night.

Las Vegas Hilton Verona Suite

This huge suite welcomes you to 15,000 square feet of wide open space – and a magnificent pool garden that will make you think you just might be in heaven! And your choice – all 25 TV’s can be on for those who like the ‘club’ effect and some action. Or for those who prefer the serenity of the private pool garden can set those remotes aside and take a swim and relax in peace and privacy. And the truly beautiful aspect is the competitive price of $17,000 per night. Keep in mind, though that the Hilton likes to reserve this elegant room for the ‘whales’, that is the extremely High-Rollers that spend time in the casino.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas Napoleon Suite

This enormous suite is on the 31st floor of the Paris Hotel with 4,300 square feet of warm hardwood floors and ornate furnishings. You will likely feel like royalty in this classy spread complete with a grand piano – in the event that you invite a classical pianist for a nightcap. The price on this suite is stylishly unpublished and reserved for the elite of the elite in Vegas. The Paris offers another suite of similar magnitude and so inviting that you may want to stay ‘in’ the entire time you are in Vegas. Fit for a king and his guest the 180 Degree Suite features floor-to-ceiling windows, your own pool, and beds that are rumored to be the most comfortable beds west of the Mississippi. 

The Monaco Casino

On a slightly lower scale than some of the wonderful options mentioned above is the Monaco Casino Hotel de Paris’ Winston Churchill suite. For $11,000 per night you will be treated like royalty in this suite, as well. This suite has a private elevator, two separate lounges, and the perks of your own private butler, at your service 24 hours a day, every day you stay! And stay they invite you to do! If you want to play blackjack or slots on the Monaco’s playground, you will have to pay for these luxurious accommodations.