The Naked Truth about Prince Harry

The Naked Truth about Prince Harry

Many people think that it is about time to let the English Monarchy come to an end.  Many other individuals think the opposite.  Enter the knight in shining armor Prince William, who has all the makings of a beloved king with his lovely queen at his side.  Thus the stage is set for a reigning longevity.  Then along comes Prince Harry, who upsets the applecart!

The Pros and Cons of Prince Harry

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.  So is everything else in life.  Prince Harry is the magnification of Spanky, the Little Rascal.  Harry is the sales rep for every young man who is working hard to sow his wild oats. 

Harry’s youthful nudity can be seen as the flippant gesture of a boy on the verge of manhood.  That same nakedness can also be seen as the continuing bad judgment of the members of the reigning English family. 

If Harry is so disillusioned by the English crown, if royalty is such an albatross around his neck that he feels a need to consistently complain, why doesn’t he just get out and shut the door behind him?  Harry could easily take a slow boat to China and never look back.  However, inertia carries its own momentum.  Therefore the public and Harry’s own family are stuck with a Nazi SS uniform and the flaunting of moral laws. 

Harry’s Handlers

Perhaps the public has deceived itself in the belief that Le Petit Prince is human.  In order to contain the wily 27-year-old, he needs a firm set of handlers.  Sounds more like a chimpanzee in disguise. 

The other side of the coin comes through just as loudly and clearly:  People of all ages identify with Harry’s need to let loose.  Hence Harry’s errant handlers are seen as a necessary prop to control a normally rambunctious twenty-something character.

The question remains:  Where is the “royal” in Harry’s usual behavior?  Harry himself has been quoted, or misquoted, as commenting that he is culpable for letting himself down.  It remains to be seen whether this little embarrassing occurrence will amend his seemingly negligent character, and help him to develop an inner sense of responsibility.

Predilection for Creating News Print

Prince Harry seems to have a need to share his good looks and wild propensities with everyone in the universe.  His antics are not lost on the masses, in love with royal scandals.  The third man in line for the throne too often exhibits bad judgment, which is viewed with glee by the global public.   

The worst of all of Harry’s actions to date, took place in December of 2004.  The then-20-year-old Prince Charming appeared at a costume party in Nazi uniform to the horror and dismay of the world.  Common sense seems to be the ingredient lacking in his behavior.  That action, however, hinted at a darker side to the young man who has always had materially too much.  The difficulties of growing up in a fish bowl, bereft of his mother at a relatively young age are readily apparent in Harry’s behavior. 

Perhaps the world should consider itself lucky that Prince Harry has erupted merely in nudity.  The military may be a fitting outlet for his deeper angst.     

Las Vegas:  Host to the Celebrities of the World

On the brighter side of the sun, Michael Douglas, arguably one of the best actors on the scene today, has been spotted recently at the blackjack tables of Vegas.  He had the same good time as everyone else at the Tropicana.  It appears, however, that Douglas had a second objective in mind when he landed in the gaming capital of America:  Michael Douglas is in the process of preparing for his role in the upcoming movie Last Vegas.  At the age of 67, Douglas has the part of a 60-something who joins his three best friends at a Vegas bachelor party, all of them having decided to blow their retirement funds.  The movie’s other stars are Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro. 

Many of the celebrities and other individuals who tweeted in favor of Prince Harry’s exploits, have the same “you only live once” attitude as is portrayed in Last Vegas.  The city itself is conducive to throwing caution to the winds.      

The Palms hotel-casino is a hang-out for celebrities who magnetize everyone within viewing range.  On a recent Saturday night, a huge crowd gathered to watch Tom Green, the MTV host; Nicky Hilton, the heiress; ‘NSync member Lance Bass; and comedians David Alan Grier and Damon Wayans all make their way to the Skin pool lounge.  George Maloof, Jr., who owns the Palms, was in second heaven.

Maloof, ever the businessman, has made a mint through a ton of slot machines and fascinating celebrities.  He engages in nonstop marketing events, often featuring hot celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Britney Spears.  The Palms is a relatively small hotel with 430 rooms, located off-Strip and enormously successful.

The Las Vegas Film Festival (LVFF) is an annual event that honors American and international stars.  The 2012 Festival took place in July at the huge Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.  The LVFF focuses on the side shows of the movie and television industry. Foreign films, feature films, television pilots, Nevada filmmakers and screenplay competition are some of the showcased items at the Festival. 

In Las Vegas, celebrities mix easily with other gamers at the tables.  Vegas is a comfortable celeb city.  In the case of Ben Affleck, he spent so much time at the Palms that his wife, Jennifer Garner, is said to have added a poker room in their residence. As to Prince Harry’s exploits in Las Vegas, the hope is that someday he will grow up, or perhaps not, depending on who’s looking.