Top 10 Casino Bets

Top 10 Casino Bets

We’ve already covered the worst casino bets, so now it’s time to switch to more positive thoughts and look at the best casino bets. These are the bets/games where players can either make profits over the long run, or just bring the house edge down below 2%. So without further delay, here are the top 10 casino bets.

1. Online Poker

Thousands of people are making a good living with online poker because of the large amount of skill involved. Some of the best players have even become casino multi-millionaires simply from playing online poker. The main reason why internet poker is so lucrative is because players are competing against each other rather than against the house. Of course the house does take a 5% rake from each pot, but this doesn’t slow down the top players. Add in the fact that online poker rooms also give players lots of extra rewards such as deposit bonuses and frequent player points, and internet poker is the easiest form of gambling to profit from.

2. Casino Poker

Just behind online poker in terms of profitability is casino poker.  Sure casino poker doesn’t give players all of the extra perks such as deposit bonuses, but this game does offer giant tournament with prize pools that are worth millions of dollars. The WSOP Main Event alone offers players over $60 million every year! Much like online poker, the casino version also pits the players against each other rather than against the house. The only reason casino poker isn’t number one on the best bets list is because it doesn’t offer as many frequent player rewards, and people have to travel to the venues.

3. Blackjack (Using Card Counting)

The skill of blackjack card counting has been glamorized by several movies such as the ever popular “21.” By counting cards, players can find the hot deck and gain between a 1% and 2% advantage over the casino. Assuming a person sits in the casino all night long, this edge could translate into thousands of dollars during a session. Seeing as how casinos like to keep the advantage over players, blackjack card counting is heavily frowned upon, and can result in you being kicked out of the casino if caught. 

4. Certain Video Poker Variations

Near the top of the list is yet another version of poker in video poker. However, you can’t play just any video poker game to gain an edge since there are only three variations that offer players an advantage over the house. Double Bonus (100.2% return), Double Double Bonus (100.1% return), and Deuces Wild (100.8% return) are the three video poker casino games where perfect strategy will earn you profits over time. But to make a profit, you have to follow strategy to a T and use the maximum coin amount as well. 

5. Blackjack (Regular Strategy)

Unfortunately, this is where the casino player’s advantage ends, and the house edge begins. Even still, the house only has a 0.5% edge assuming you use perfect blackjack strategy. Seeing as how the house edge is so low in blackjack, you could potentially make lots of money provided lady luck is on your side. Just make sure to use a hand chart provided you don’t have a firm grasp on the strategy aspect because it will tell you what moves to make.

6. Craps Common Bets

There are quite a few bets you can make in craps, but the most typical craps wagers are pass line, don’t pass line, come, and don’t come. Assuming you stick to the main casino bets and use them at the correct time, you can bring the house edge down to less than 1%. Of course, the house advantage will depend on what rules are in effect, and if you are laying double odds. However, the important thing to remember is that you can almost nullify the casino house edge by making the right bets.

7. Baccarat Banker Bet

Your best chance at getting good odds in baccarat is to bet on the banker hand to win. By betting on the banker, you actually have a better chance to win than the casino does. However, the house gains their edge back by charging a commission on winning bets placed on the banker. When everything is averaged out, the house only has a 1.06% edge on the baccarat banker bet.

8. Baccarat Player Bet

If you ever get tired of making the baccarat banker bet, you can always switch things up and go with the baccarat player bet without losing much. As the name implies, the player bet is a wager made on the player’s hand winning; the house only holds a 1.24% advantage on the player bet, which makes this one of the best casino wagers you can make.

9. Pai Gow Poker (Playing as Banker)

You should choose to be the banker in Pai Gow casino poker whenever you get the chance. The reason why is because you win tie bets against players, and you’re facing off against fellow players instead of the house. By being the banker, you bring the house edge down from 2.66% to around 1.5%. But you need to be well-funded to be the banker because you have to pay all of the other casino players if they win. In some cases, you can get the house to be co-banker with you meaning they take 50% of winnings and cover 50% of losses. One more thing to keep in mind is that you still owe the house a 5% commission on your winnings in a hand.

10. Craps 6/8 Place Bets

As mentioned before, you can lower the craps casino edge just by sticking with the main bets. But more adventurous bettors should also go with the 6 and 8 place bets from time to time. When making a place bet on the 6, for example, you are betting that this number will be rolled before a 7 is rolled. You have a 45.5% chance that a 6 will be rolled before the 7, and the payouts are 7:6. All of this combines to give the house just a 1.52% advantage on both the 6 and 8 place bets.