Tropicana Las Vegas undergoes Big Renovations

Tropicana Las Vegas undergoes Big Renovations

Entering the Tropicana Las Vegas was like entering a time warp since its hotel rooms and overall décor were totally outdated. Fortunately, those in charge of the Tropicana were well aware of how desperately their Sin City establishment needed updating. This being said, it’s worth taking a look at all of the new renovations that have been done to the casino.

$125 Million Project

It’s obvious that the Tropicana board members were serious about improving the Las Vegas property when you consider the $125 million that was set aside for this project. And it certainly did need improving since the Tropicana hadn’t been renovated since 1985. So those running the establishment decided to renovate the casino floor, pool area, hotel rooms and restaurants, and add a trendy nightclub. When you hear about each of these upgrades in-depth, you’ll see how they were worth every bit of the $125 million.

Club Nikki

Like all big-time Vegas Strip casinos, the Tropicana added a 15,000-square-foot nightclub to their property. Included amongst the 15,000 feet are a huge dance floor, VIP lounges, the hottest DJ’s, an exquisite interior, and lots of special events. Seeing as how Club Nikki is one of the newest venues on the Strip, it’s already attracting quite a crowd.

Nikki Beach

The party continues just outside the door of Club Nikki because there’s a great pool area called Nikki Beach. Just like in the club, people will find a full bar and plenty of vibrant music being played at Nikki Beach. In addition to this, there’s also a rock waterfall area, white teepee cabanas, excellent entertainment here, and Café Nikki, which we’ll discuss next.

Café Nikki

The whole “Nikki” theme never seems to end at the new and improved Tropicana Las Vegas since they also feature Café Nikki too. This is an indoor restaurant that offers diners a wide range of meal options, with everything from chicken to seafood on the menu. And the best part of all about Café Nikki is the appealing décor, which lets people relax in an airy room with lots of windows and polished wood.

Hotel Rooms

Perhaps the most impressive change in the Tropicana project resides in the hotel rooms, where people can now feel as if they’re staying in a first-class resort. No longer do the rooms look like they’re part of some $50-a-night roach motel since the carpet, bed sheets, and desks have all been replaced and modernized. And for those who truly want a luxury stay, there are plenty of revamped suites complete with hot tubs, living room areas and beautiful views of Las Vegas.

Gaming Floor

Much like everything else in the old-look Tropicana, the gaming floor needed some serious updating. So those in charge totally redid the dingy previous look by adding white pillars and wall trim, in addition to new tables, chairs and carpeting. Plus there is a well-decorated row of glass that runs from one end of the gaming pit to the other.

Spa/Fitness Center

The Tropicana has truly placed itself in the upper echelon of casinos by adding a spa and fitness center. Glow, which is the spa’s name, spans 9,500-square-feet and offers a beauty salon, steam showers, locker rooms, treatment rooms and a retail lounge. Those who want a workout can head to the aforementioned fitness center, where free weights, machines, and treadmills are all offered to visitors.

Island Tower Walkway

The Island Tower Walkway, which connects the hotel and casino, was once a drab hallway filled with vending machines and pushy salesman. Fortunately, the Tropicana kissed this tackiness goodbye by replacing the windows, adding marble floors and plants, and kicking all of the salesmen out.