Two Bros Net Millions in Casino Scam of the Decade

Two Bros Net Millions in Casino Scam of the Decade

Millions of dollars are generated and circulated through Casinos daily and schemes devised to rip-off a Casino are not uncommon. Some Casino Scams throughout history have become notorious due to the ingenuity and shrewdness with which they are conducted. The Roselli Brothers acquired some notoriety in 2000 when their con was first detected. They were able to pull-off a nearly five-year run between three Casinos and vanished with 37 million. It all began with the identify theft of numerous Americans, as well as foreigners, via hacked credit card accounts and a meticulous review of individuals with impeccable credit. Upon establishing new identities and credit accounts at several casinos in three separate cities, the brothers were off to the Casino. Operating incognito and strategically through the years of engagement, the Roselli’s made a name for themselves over the course.  To this day they have yet to be apprehended.

It Began with Identity Theft, of Sorts

The Roselli brothers, from Monmouth, New Jersey were certainly not novices in the gambling arena.  Many a past scam has attempted to swindle, cheat, or steal Casinos out of some money, some get away, and others pay the price for their gamble. The Roselli’s previous scams provided them with the means to implement this near-flawless and strategic plan to acquire millions of dollars illegally. Their marks consisted of Casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Puerto Rico. It all started when the brothers hired a computer hacker to acquire credit histories of Americans and foreigners by breaching the credit card systems and perusing through the best of the best credit histories. After carefully selecting the identities of choice they applied to the credit departments of several key casinos in three separate cities. Casino policy for credit accounts stipulates that individuals must establish the credit by maintaining a stable account for a minimum of six months. That was no problem for the Roselli’s since they had enough spare money from past swindles to place fifty-thousand dollars into each account. Six months later it’s go time and the action truly kicked-off. Essentially all of the casinos to which they applied for credit accounts acquiesced and within six months they were off and running with their new-found identities. 

Casino Hop then Casino Dodge

The Roselli’s were presented first-rate A-List performances as their “new” selves at numerous Casinos in three cities as they hopped, skipped, and jumped from one casino to the next on an alternating basis. They would enter the Casino and sign markers in order to get their chips. Then utilizing an ‘offset’ betting scheme they fooled the pit bosses and led them to believe that they were really losing all of their chips. In order to maintain the façade they would quickly pay their markers back within a few short days of departing from each casino. The ability to pay the casino back within mere days of taking the markers created an even stronger illusion of legitimacy for the devious pair. Casino credit departments admire expeditious payback and the ‘fake’ identities would be highly regarded in this light. Before long, the credit limits were raised for each of the false identities from fifty thousand to a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, a half million, to an unbelievable million dollars at one exclusive Casino resort.


The brothers continued to impersonate the stolen identities and gambled ‘on their behalf’ months on end. They kept up the charade for nearly five years finessing their way through the intricacies of maintaining an aura of calm, cool, and collect. And collect they did! With the assistance on occasion of loyal comrades from New Jersey, they were essentially undetected until January of 2000. By that time they had accumulated a wealth of money totaling 37 million dollars, enough to money to divide by two and live large, and undetected, for the remainder of their lives. The FBI would presumably like to know the whereabouts of this cunning duo, but to date, they have not been able to pinpoint their whereabouts. This credit card/identity theft fraud resulted in the identification of the Roselli Brothers, masterminds behind the ruse, but has not yet ended in the apprehension of the siblings incognito.