Uncovered: Is the Perception of Baccarat As an Elitist Game Justified?

Uncovered: Is the Perception of Baccarat As an Elitist Game Justified?

The exciting game of Baccarat is enjoyed by a large and growing player base. Whereas this game may once well have been enjoyed as the exclusive domain of the wealthy elite, it is now played with gusto by an animated online player base around the world. To some degree, the perception that Baccarat is a game for the privileged few has diminished. Make no error, the game is still a high-rollers' favourite, and it is now accessible to players the world over. Indeed the erstwhile images of James Bond playing high-stakes games of >Baccarat remains at the forefront of our minds when we think of this game – that's a good thing!

The game itself relies more on Lady Luck than it does on strategy and tactics. This is largely due to the fact that Baccarat games do not allow players to bust out. Unlike in games of Blackjack where a player can bust out by hitting over 21, in Baccarat this is impossible. The hand tally simply removes the tens digit after 9 has been hit. Becoming an expert in this high-stakes game of big-money opportunity takes some doing because Baccarat players tend to have a feel for the game as opposed to sticking to any particular type of >Baccarat strategy. While there is limited strategy involved in playing the game, there is a need to understand the terminology, the rules and the betting stakes. These include things like the payout potential, stakes and odds this game of player and banker.

How the Live Dealer Baccarat Measure up?

Feedback from players around the world is overwhelmingly positive: the live dealer version of the game is supreme. This game not only brings the best of Las Vegas-style casinos to the fore but it also brings a glittering array of top-tier online casino software into the mix. The result is a tour de force in outstanding gaming animation, from the comforts of home. Like many casino card games, casino Baccarat is an easy game to play, but a tough game to master. Players are encouraged to memorize the specific card values in the game and once that's been done, it's a breeze. That having been said, there is no substitute for time out in the middle. And in this vein, playing the game in a real casino environment is the best practice. Many quality online casinos provide their players with this type of Baccarat experience. The objective of the online casino is to provide a gaming milieu which is reminiscent of a real-life casino. Players can expect nothing less than talented, gorgeous and skillful Baccarat dealers.

So What's It All about?

At its core, the game is about coming as close as possible to a total point value of nine. Bets are placed on either the player hand or the banker hand. The Baccarat lingo is especially important to understand. A natural nine consists of a two card total of 9, and in the game this is a winning hand. The second best hand total is a natural eight (two card hand total of 8). When a player opts to draw, he or she will be choosing a 3rd card which essentially is geared towards getting as close as possible to that value of nine. It should be noted that in this particular card game the banker’s hand wins more often. As such, the house (the casino) typically charges a commission of around 5% for wagers that are won by betting on the banker's hand. It's important to note that in this card game the suit of the card makes no difference to the overall outcome of the game. Thus the following card values are evident: an ace is a one value card, tens and Royals are 10 value cards (or zeros because 10 is subtracted from the tally over nine), and cards 2 through 9 retain their face value. Calculating the value of a Baccarat hand is relatively easy - the tens digit is subtracted from the total hand value.

How Is Live Dealer Baccarat Played?

Thanks to state-of-the-art casino software, live dealer Baccarat is played with a live streaming WebCam. The gaming action takes place from secure gaming facilities with professional dealers under a regulated online gaming environment. The game is typically played with between six and eight decks of cards, depending on which particular casino is being played at. Note that there are two hands, the player and the banker – neither of them refers to the dealer. Payouts are made in the following manner: the player's hand pays out 2 to 1 and the bankers hand pays out 2 to 1 less the 5% house commission. And unlike the outcome which may occur is that tie hand (8 to 1 payout). In this particular live dealer card game, the player is always first to act. And a third card will be drawn if the player's hand is less than 5 and/or the banker's total is less than 7. Should the player's hand exceed 5 or the banker's hand exceed 7 the player will not draw another card. The winning hand is the one which has a value closest to 9, with a natural nine being the best hand possible. In selecting the best live dealer online casino to play Baccarat at, then players should select a casino with the lowest number of decks.