What's the Deal With the Number 777?

What's the Deal With the Number 777?

What is the importance of the number 777? It has been considered a special number and even a holy number for centuries by religions and cultures that attribute it with magical supernatural powers. Some say it is simply lucky. So what meaning does the number 777 has in our casino world?

777 and Christianity

Before we get to the lucky connotation of the number 777 and the countless slots players who became instantly rich after seeing it appear on their machine, let's dig a bit into our world's history:

Did you know that a well known Benedictine monastery was built in Austria in the year 777? Tassilo III, who was at the time the Duke of Bavaria, founded the Kremsmunster Abbey monastery in the very same location that his son Gunther was supposed to have been killed by a boar.

The church fell and recovered both in its infrastructure and its prestige over the years and saw many foreign overseers managing its affairs. Today the monastery is home to one of the great libraries of Austria. The three-century-old library contains more than 160,000 volumes and 1700 manuscripts in its shelves.

Fly Away With 777

If you've recently been on any trip to Europe or any cross-continental destination, you must have been amazed when you saw that giant bird wheel into the direction of your departure gate. That incredible machine is Boeing Commercial Airplanes' Boeing 777 twin-engine airliner. With its noticeable wide body, this air vehicle caries up to 550 passengers and can fly nearly 10,000 nautical miles without refueling.

The Chicago-based company's most prized possession made its debut in 1994 with its maiden flight taking off in June of that year. Since then, the company has sold the model to airline companies ranging from Singapore to the United Arab Emirates. The 777 can carry more luggage than any other commercial carrier and moves around on the largest tires ever fixed unto a commercial carrier.

To Contact the Editor...

If you lived, or have ever visited in Toronto, you may have noticed the popular newspaper, The Toronto Star line most of the newsstands. The "Star" is the most popular Daily paper in all of Canada and has been a permanent staple in all of the district of Ontario for almost a century.

If you happen to see any errors in the newspaper while having your morning coffee, you are more than welcomed and even encouraged, to call the editor's desk and report what you see. The area code (416) of the area you don't need to know if you're calling from local phone. The rest of the number? You guessed it - all sevens! 777-7777. Seems like the star assured itself luck in the journalism world way back when the office received its phone number.

Up For Some Black Magic?

Edward Alexander Crowley, or as he was better known, Aleister Crowley, was once called "The Wickedest Man in the World". Born in the later part of the 19th century, Crowley proved himself very early on in his life to be a gifted thinker, author, scientist and more. Throughout his expansive lifetime, Crowley's writings and ideas became very influential inspirations for many cults involved in freemasonry and black magic.

Crowley composed a "hidden law" instructional book for his students titled 777. In it, he laid out for them some self-mutilating methods by which they can control their thoughts and actions. These methods involved some very painful and dangerous techniques for one to completely step out of his person and behave in completely different ways. Needless to say, a young follower picking up the book 777 those days would certainly see his life change before his eyes.

Ok, We'll Get to the Casino

If you've read up your slots rules, then you know how much players are hungry for those three sevens to appear before them after they pull that lever. This often means that the entire weekend at the casino was more than worth it and that they just may be able to pay off the rest of that mortgage.

The Japanese slot machines are known to be the ones with the best statistical odds to produce a 777. They use their own brand of computer chips inside the machines that guide the frequency in which the different symbols and number appear. If Vegas is not the end of your world and if your passport has not expired, a trip to Japan in search of the 777 could be a fun adventure.

However you look at it, 777 shows itself well beyond the floors of the casino and reappears throughout human history in a myriad of forms. Almost every culture finds some significance in it. If the number 666 is universally considered to be an "evil" number, then 777 could be its opposite as the universally "good" number. Perhaps it's just a number or perhaps it's magical; maybe it's plain or maybe it's lucky. Will you find out the answer? You bet it!

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