What’s Next in the Online Casino World…Betting on Video Games?

What’s Next in the Online Casino World…Betting on Video Games?

When it comes to online casino games, it really feels like everything has already been done. After all, pretty much every classic and imaginable variation of land-based casino games have been brought to the cyber world, which doesn’t leave much room for creativity. However, there is one frontier that has yet to be reached in regard to online casino games – betting on video games. Slots games remain - by and large - the most popular casino games in the world. Traditional casinos and online casinos alike showcase slots as their premier attractions such as Bejeweled reign supreme.

Seizing Opportunity


Most people haven’t heard of Nevada-based 3G Studios, but they are well aware of some of the products that 3G has developed such as “Rock Band” and “Call of Duty.” These video games have become two of the most popular franchises in history and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

Relating this to our current discussion about online casino games, 3G Studios is lobbying the American state of Nevada to legalize real money video gaming. Previously this would have seemed like a harebrained idea which was doomed to fail. However, the concept is much more realistic now that Nevada has approved legal online poker and issued licenses.

Gaining a Foothold

With legal internet poker still in its infancy, 3G Studios knows that real money video games aren’t on the agenda for Nevada lawmakers now. So 3G has partnered up with Eldorado Resorts in hopes of getting an online poker license. As is commonplace now, technology companies align with land-based casinos so they’re more likely to get a license, which is exactly what 3G Studios has done.

Assuming they get a poker license, the goal is to eventually expand to video games and even slots games. 3G founder and CEO James Kosta spoke about this by saying, “If it stopped at poker it would be a flawed business model. Ultimately, if we break even on poker we would be quite happy.” He added, “Even if we’re losing money with poker, our goal would be to continue to push legislation forward so that we can introduce other games.”

By pushing legislation for real money video games, 3G could eventually create an environment where people can bet on Call of Duty, Rock Band and other titles. It’s unclear exactly what form the online wagering would take, but people would be able to put real money on the line while playing their favorite video games.

Big Plans

While Nevada has plenty of international exposure from its reputation as a land of vices and casinos, the reality is that this state only has 2.7 million residents. So 3G Studios knows that they’re unlikely to reap major profits from offering video games and slots games to Nevada alone – even if millions of tourists visit every year too.

Instead, 3G is most interested in a potential multi-state pact that Nevada may form with other states in the near future. There are currently multiple US states that are considering legal online casinos games and/or poker. If they are to approve these measures and agree to a future deal with Nevada, this would give 3G a much larger market and extra profits.

 Bringing Video Elements to Poker

The ambitious, multi-step plan by 3G Studios is interesting to say the least. And while realistic, it’s a long ways off before the company could begin offering online video games on a wide scale level. Instead, the “now” is getting their poker operation with Eldorado Resorts off the ground.

And one unique aspect that 3G looks to bring to the equation is video elements in poker. For example, if two players were to split a pot, their characters would have a short pistol duel. The company is currently experimenting with other interesting video elements such as those you see in slots games.

3G Studios could definitely bring some innovation to the world of online gaming when you consider their poker and video game betting projects. And if 3G gets approved, just imagine how many other video game companies would be encouraged to get involved in online wagering!