Kurhaus Hotel Casino Resort

Kurhaus Hotel Casino Resort

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Editor's Review

Located in West Germany, Baden-Baden is well-known for its thermal springs. While the thermal springs are known for their healing properties, Baden Baden is also home to one of the most famous casinos in the world, known for its elegant style and rich history.

At one time, real silver and gold chips were used in the gaming. The casino boasts 113 slot machines and 24 gaming tables. The games available are casino favorites like roulette ,blackjack , baccarat and poker.

The casino has a rich and famous history; the Baden-Baden is the oldest casino in Germany. The Madame Pompadour room at the casino is even named after the mistress of Louis XV.

In 1872, the German government ordered the closing of all German casinos. It would be another 61 years, in 1933, that it would be reopened. It was open until 1944 and then closed again until 1950.

Over the years it has been the domain of the rich and famous. Today, the Baden-Baden is open for all casino lovers to visit and enjoy. Visitors can enjoy the local scenery, soak in the hot springs, hike in the beautiful Black Forest and enjoy a classy, relaxing vacation at Baden Baden.

Like the saying goes; Baden Baden is so beautiful they named it twice, the casino is also twofold better, compared to other casinos. Double the history, doubly distinguished and more, Baden Baden is a must for all gamers looking for beauty, elegance and high style vacationing.

Joe Z. Cutts