Monte Carlo Casino Resort

Monte Carlo Casino Resort

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Editor's Review

Think luxury, class and casinos. Monte Carlo is the place that comes to mind.

Gambling has been the center of Monte Carlo ever since Prince Charles III of Monaco opened the first casino in 1863. Since then, Monte Carlo has been the playground for royalty, aristocracy, the rich and the famous.

The Casino de Monte Carlo is the most famous casino in this well-known gambling destination. Designed by Charles Garnier who also designed the Paris Opera, the casino building is a magnificent edifice in itself.

Men in tuxedos and women in shimmering gowns glide through the gold and marble atrium, frescoes in the style of Boucher decorate the walls, and five-star restaurants are just around the corner. The scene is the Monte Carlo Casino lobby, reminiscent of the glamour and excitement in a James Bond movie

The lobby features a marble atrium with 28 Ionic columns with bronze and gold furnishings. The beautifully decorated gaming rooms feature marble columns, gilded mahogany fabrics and chandeliers made with Bohemian crystal.

For the casino players, 316 slot machines and 35 gaming tables are available in the main casino area. Private gaming rooms are available but do require suitable attire with a firmly set dressing code.

Overlooking the Mediterranean, the casino provides the most elegant of settings. The Monte Carlo Hotel is also home to the fantastic Monte-Carlo Opera.

Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, poker and more are all available for the casino players.

Glamour and class just ooze from Monte Carlo. It is home to the Monaco Grand Prix in addition to the Monte Carlo tennis open.

Monte Carlo's close proximity to the French Riviera is another reason for its status as the playground of the elite; and the minimum bet in this prestigious setting is $5,000.

For the average player, though, the main casino also offers an array of gaming opportunities in one of the most elegant gambling halls in the world.

You can't compare with the Casino de Monte Carlo; the premier hotel/casino in one of the world's premier gaming destinations.


Joe Z. Cutts