Metropol Casino Resort

Metropol Casino Resort

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Editor's Review

Moscow is one the of the world's most famous and impressive cities. It should come as no surprise that it is also home to one of the world's finest casinos.

The Casino Metropol, in the Hotel Metropol, is located in the shadows of Red Square, Bolshoi theater and the Kremlin. The casino is open round-the-clock and has 11 tables for visitor's gaming pleasure.

The casino is an intimate one. The dealers are some of Europe's finest and appreciate the finer nuances of the casino games.

The hotel Metropol was built in 1898 and was designed by William Walcott. Since then, multiple renovations have turned the hotel into one of the most modern in the world.

The rooms blend the old and the new. Classic paintings and antiques stand side by side with plasma screen televisions and internet connections. All this creates the finest opulence and luxury a guest could want.

The Metropol just hasn't been part of the Moscow landscape but a key player. It was the place where Tolstoy, Rachmaninov and Bernard Shaw hung out. Its impressive guest lists boasts countless presidents, prime ministers and even Michael Jackson.

Visit the Metropol. Experience the luxury and add your name to its list of guests.

Joe Z. Cutts