Thu, 10/11/2012 - 13:04 - Confusion Over


Crockfords, Britain's oldest casino, has been caught up in controversy after deciding to investigate a recent £7.3 million win by Phil Ivey, described by many as the world's top poker player.

Despite his notorious ability at the sport, the champion was playing a skill-free game called Punto Banco, which is similar to baccarat, when he hit a lucky streak.

Although the gambling venue initially agreed to transfer the winnings into his account, it instead launched an exhaustive inquiry, questioning the croupier involved and examining the shoe from which the cards were dealt from.

The game was recorded on ten cameras and it is not clear what Mr Ivey could be accused of, but it later emerged that his "beautiful oriental companion" had previously had her membership suspended at another casino.

Instances of cheating at Punto Banco are extremely rare as the game relies entirely on chance as opposed to skill, in the same vein as roulette or slots.