Get Ready To Play In the WSOP Main Event

If you have never played in a major poker tournament before, you don’t know the physical and mental strength it takes to not only survive, but thrive in the WSOP Main Event. You have to be physically and mentally ready to play mistake-free poker for long periods of time, you have to take advantage of any good luck that comes your way, and you can’t quit.

What kind of players are accepted to the WSOP Main Event?

Now, to be successful in the WSOP, you have to be a very talented player. But, one component that every winner has is a good amount of luck. There are thousands upon thousands of players all playing for the same prize – you are going to have to be pretty lucky to beat all of them. You are going to have to make no mistakes, and you will have to have a large percentage of the coin flip situations you will no doubt find yourself in fall in your favour. There is a good chance you will lose some hands to bad beats, but you will just have to work your way back from those as well.

If you dream going to the WSOP, you can still do it!

The best way for new players to experience the WSOP Main Event is to try and win an entrance and accommodation package through quality online poker rooms. These packages not only include an entry into the Main Event, they include money to take care of any expenses you have. This way, you can focus 100% of your attention on winning the tournament.

What do you do after you have won your way into the Main Event? Well, it’s time to start practicing. Playing online poker will help you experience more hands, but you will have to get used to playing in live poker situations. Live poker and online poker are two totally different games – it is difficult to sit down in a sometimes uncomfortable environment and play mistake-free poker for hours on end. Even some of the best players in the world have trouble with this. Just make sure you remember one thing – you can’t win the whole tournament on the first day, but you can certainly lose it in a day!

Lastly, you will just need to practice sitting in a chair for long periods of time and not allowing it to affect your decision-making process. This is no joke – it is extremely difficult to sit in one position for hours on end and not let it get to you. One hand is all it takes to knock you out of a tournament – you have to be focused any time you play. One of the great things about the WSOP, though, is that it is not a winner-takes-all event. The payouts are divided up among many of the top finishers, so even if you do not win, you can still collect a good amount of money. Try and stick it out if you are near the money and running low on chips. And if you don’t do so well, you still get to have lots of fun in Las Vegas.