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Governor of Poker is an animated Texas Holdem game developed by Youda. The game is different to traditional Texas Holdem games in that a greater degree of interactivity and animation is used. The action commences in a fictitious town known as San Saba, Texas. Players are tasked with becoming the next Governor of Poker. The path to this prestigious accolade requires players to win all of their home games in the town of San Saba.

The goal of course is to win as many Texas Holdem games in as many towns and cities as possible throughout the great state of Texas. At the conclusion of these victories, players will face off in an epic showdown against a legendary opponent. Throughout the poker gaming sessions with Governor of Poker, players always have the option to switch to real-money mode to start enjoying tournament-style poker. Governor of Poker is available to players in an instant play mode with no download required. Players can also enjoy the game on iPhones, or iPads, for free.

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About Governor of Poker


The first order of business is to enter your name on the Main Menu. Players can assume any fictitious identity – male or female. The Difficulty Menu provides players with three gaming options. These include Easy (I'm a Beginner), Medium (I know how to Play Poker) and Professional (I'm the King of Poker). The first place that players will enter is Bob’s Saloon Tournament. At this poker tourney, there are 8 players competing for first, second and third place finishes Players looking for the rules of the Texas Holdem tournament will find them listed at the top of the screen. The authenticity of the poker tournament is evident with the background chatter, country music and poker nuances in every betting action, and hand played.

The standard rules of Texas Holdem poker apply. Players are dealt 2 hole cards/pocket cards face up. Cards are dealt by the dealer in a clockwise fashion around the table. Players have the option to check, bet, fold, go all in or raise as they see fit. Governor of Poker provides players with ample time to act. Further, easy-to-use betting functions make it possible for players to fold and skip simultaneously. This eliminates the need to watch a hand to its conclusion after you have opted out of it. Once players have been eliminated from a tournament, they can click on the bar on top of the screen to select the next day to begin afresh.


There are many different strategies to adopt while playing Governor of Poker. The specific tactics and strategies are dependent upon the situation. At times players will be required to play passively, while at other times a more aggressive strategy may be needed. As with all Texas Holdem games, it’s important to be able to read the cards as well as it is to understand the nature of the other players at the table. Standard poker strategies should be adopted in terms of what to hold and what to fold. Players should understand precisely what the values of the blinds are and how they relate to the size of their existing bankroll. Governor of Poker is an animated poker game; however it mirrors traditional poker in most every way. As players adopt different strategies, they can see what works for every situation. For example a Poker Bully will attempt to push you all-in to force you out of the game. Depending on what type of poker hand you’re holding, you may wish to throw caution to the wind and fold as opposed to chancing your luck.


Governor of Poker features Texas Holdem as its signature game. Be sure that you understand precisely how the game works, from the buy-ins (Big Blind and Small Blind structure) to all the other standard poker actions. In order to maximise your game, it’s a good idea to start playing Governor of Poker in a practice play mode before playing for real. Players will derive more benefit from this method of playing poker – by learning the intricacies of the game without risking any of their bankroll in the process. When it comes to real money poker, players should remember to practice responsible gaming at all times. Avoid playing Governor of Poker while your moods are too elevated or depressed. Further do not play while under the influence of stimulants or other intoxicants.


Getting started with Governor of Poker is a quick & easy process. Simply select your preferred gaming mode – practice play or real money mode. Governor of Poker makes it easy for you to enter your name, choose your gender and start playing at your preferred experience level. There are 3 different poker tiers for you to enjoy – Easy, Medium and Professional. By clicking on the options button, players can adjust the volume, or change the background sounds. A variety of languages is available to players including German, American English, British English, French, Portuguese, Italian and Russian. An automatic pause button will place the game on hold every time you navigate away from the screen – this feature can be disabled at will. The toolbar at the top of the page provides players with a Map of Texas, Next Day Games, Statistics, Rewards, and personalized Options. Players can quit the game at any time by clicking the top right button on the page. Your available bankroll is listed on the bottom right, alongside a meter which displays your reputation in the community. Each building on the map allows you to understand what games are presently being showcased, if any, and what properties are for sale. The more poker winnings you accumulate, the easier it is for you to make the purchases to build up your reputation in the community.


Governor of Poker was developed by Youda Games. This company prides itself on 4 essential principles for good gaming governance. These include widespread availability on Mac, mobile, PC or online, clarity of games, promises and rewards offered, consistent excellence and high quality gaming. The company was founded in 2006 when it developed Rail of War and Final Fortress. The award-winning game, Governor of Poker soon followed.

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