How to play Governor of Poker

How to play Governor of Poker

Governor of Poker is a great new poker game at 777 where you are pitted against a multitude of Wild West characters in a town called San Saba. You will have the opportunity to pitch your poker skills against the local cowboys and home town champions.

With your limited bankroll then you will need to be careful with your money while having the chance to buy property and increase your reputation as a poker player and property owner.

Risk free poker

Governor of Poker allows you to play online poker risk free while at the same time providing you with a fascinating and interesting backdrop to play your favourite poker game. Playing in the “Wild West” adds a truly amazing element to the game while also providing you with valuable experience of playing online poker.

For many poker players who have only ever experienced playing poker either at home with friends or in a casino then the switch to playing online can be daunting for some. Governor of Poker allows for an easy transition to possibly playing for real money at some future moment in time.

Getting started in Governor of Poker

You don’t need to download any software and when you first start playing Governor of Poker then you simply type in your name and your gender and you are ready to play with your virtual bankroll. After that you can pick and choose your own skill level depending on how much experience and confidence you have in your all round poker game.

After you click on the “play” button then you will be transported to the Wild West town of San Saba where lots of thrills and encounters will await you around every corner of the town. If you simply click on the spinning exclamation marks then you will be able to see what types of poker games are available. You will also be able to purchase property as well which will increase your reputation within the town.

Be careful with your bankroll

Buying property in San Saba needs to be done with caution as your bankroll is limited when you first arrive. You may find that you will need all of your available bankroll at the poker tables should luck not run your way in the beginning thus teaching you the vital concept of bankroll control. So come and play Governor of Poker and see if you are ready to excel in online poker.

Playing Governor of Poker is easy and fun to play. Follow these steps to start your poker game:

  • Enter your name and choose a gender.
  • Press 'Play' to start a Governor of Poker game.
  • In the difficulty menu, choose the according level.
  • The spinning exclamation marks show you the way to the next poker game.

Special features

You have the possibility to travel between cities by clicking on the arrows on the left or at the right side of the screen and picking a destination from the map.