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Poker Dice is a chance-based casino game where real dice are used in place of traditional playing cards. Unlike standard dice which feature only dots to signify numbers, Poker Dice actually have playing cards on each of the dice faces. In total, each dice has six different playing card faces. These include a 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. These effectively act as playing cards for poker players to compile winning combinations. Note that it is not possible for players to alter the outcomes of any particular dice roll, as outcomes are all determined by random number generators (RNGs). There are both online variants of Poker Dice and traditional variants of Poker Dice available for play. The traditional version of the game is enjoyed with five dice. Typically 2+ players participate and each player will have the option to roll a total of 3 times. Dice can be held while other dice are being rolled. When the 3-roll version of Poker Dice is played, the best hand will be selected as the winner. Take note that various combinations of poker hands are not possible with Poker Dice, owing to the diminished number of suits available.

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The online version of the game is relatively easy to play. Poker Dice makes it possible for players to place bets on multiple potential outcomes. These include a Pair, Two Pairs, Three-of-a-Kind, a Full House, A Straight, Four-Of-A-Kind, a Royal Straight and Five of a Kind. The odds of the aforementioned betting selections coming good are 1.08, 3.02, 4.12, 23.24, 29.26, 43.50, 58.42 and 1170.50 respectively. Players can place as many bets as they like by using the - and + alongside each of the betting selections in the stake box. Once a betting selection has been made, the potential winnings will be displayed in the right-most column of the bet box. The likelihood that an outcome will occur is directly proportional to the payout odds. Therefore a Pair, Two Pairs, Three-of-a-Kind, and a Full House (to a lesser extent) are the most likely outcomes in each roll of the dice with Poker Dice. The minimum wager they can be placed is 0.50 and the maximum wager they can be placed on any option is 100 currency units. Once the bets have been made, players can click the place bets button at the bottom right of the screen for the Poker Dice to roll. All winnings that result will instantly be added to the player's bankroll.


Poker Dice, unlike traditional 5 card poker, is purely a game of chance. However players can play intelligent Poker Dice by following a series of tactics that, when combined, translate into a solid strategy. These include the following: practice Poker Dice online for free before you play for real. This is the ideal way to understand the intricacies of the game and the various betting combinations that are possible. Practice mode also has the effect of preserving your bankroll until you're ready to play Poker Dice for real. Once you are ready to play, you can determine what your risk profile is by looking at the payout odds for each particular dice roll is. Players are likely to win their money back most times they place bets on 1 Pair or Two Pairs. The odds diminish as the likelihood of outcomes becomes less certain. Therefore an important part of your overall strategy should be to determine whether you’re risk averse or risk seeking. In this vein, proper bankroll management is imperative. While it is not required, understanding the poker hand combinations will certainly add value to your Poker Dice playing sessions. The outcomes are automatically evaluated, and if winnings have accrued, they will be added to your bankroll.


Poker Dice is a game of chance, and as such, players should understand that any outcome is possible at any time. The likelihood of any particular roll coming good is listed by the payout odds on the paytable. The house naturally has an edge over the player, but high-value poker hands can pay out handsomely in Poker Dice. The outcomes are governed by random number generators, so there is nothing that players can do while the game is in session to influence any specific dice roll. The most sensible tips to follow when playing poker dice are the following:

  • Practice the game first before you play for real
  • Employ sound bankroll management techniques in all real-money gaming
  • Never play Poker Dice online for real when your judgement is impaired in any way
  • Click on the ? on the bottom right of the screen to see exactly what is required for each of the poker dice combinations


Players you wish to enjoy poker dice for real money will need to register an account, and provide personal details prior to playing. The practice play mode offers a one click option for Poker Dice gaming. In both cases, the game is played in the same fashion. Your first order of business is to determine which particular betting options you believe will come good in your next Poker Dice roll. You can make selections on multiple betting options. The minimum wager is 0.5 and the maximum wager is 100 currency units per combination. Once you have made your selections, you can see what the potential payouts of the selections will be in the right-hand column of the paytable. This works in much the same way as a sportsbook’s betting calculator. The next step is to click the button titled 'roll dice'. If you have won, your winnings will be added to your bankroll balance and the next Poker Dice roll will be available to play. Players are also able to change their bets before they've clicked the 'roll dice' button. This is easily done by clicking the 'change bets' button. If you do not change your bets, they will be stored in the memory for all future poker dice rolls. Be sure that you're happy with your bet amounts before rolling the poker dice.


The online version of Poker Dice is a relatively new addition to the gaming arena. This abridged form of Poker Dice removes the skill element, and replaces it with a pure game of chance. The game is similar in most respects to the classic Poker Dice game.

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