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Speed Poker is perhaps best described as a real-time variant of Texas Holdem poker. This game is played at online casinos where players have a pre-set time to correctly evaluate and/or play a series of poker hands. Speed Poker is a new addition to the online poker gaming arena, however it is a well-established traditional poker game. Two TV tournaments – the Poker Dome Challenge and the World Speed Poker Open - use this particular game as their mainstay attraction. Poker historians are of the opinion that the Australian game developer Keith Sloan is responsible for creating Speed Poker. The online game essentially evaluates poker hands based on their ranking, while Texas Holdem is the most played land-based Speed Poker variant.

The manner in which Speed Poker is played, and the ranking of hands is reminiscent of traditional forms of 5 card poker. The major difference is the time factor. In other words players are required to act in a matter of seconds in order to determine hand values, relative strengths of hands and so forth. This time can range from between 10 seconds to 15 seconds, depending on where the game is played. Extensions are possible, provided they are permissible under the rules of the particular casino or online casino. In the land-based version of the game at the World Speed Poker Open the rules allow for NL (No Limit) play.

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Speed Poker at 777 specifies the rules of play as follows: players are required to carefully observe and select the highest ranking poker hand that is displayed on the table. The hands will be spread out vertically, diagonally and horizontally. Players will have a total of 10 seconds during each round, with a $5 dollar bonus available when players successfully make it through all the levels. The list of possible hands available to players include a Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, One Pair and No Hand. The online game is not played against other players like traditional Texas Holdem games of poker; rather it is played against the house. Players are tested by way of their ability to rapidly evaluate the strength of different poker hands.


Speed Poker is all about understanding hand value rankings. Players should study the hands info chart that is available in the game, before playing Speed Poker for real money. Many times the evaluation of multiple poker hands simultaneously can be confusing. This can be due to very subtle differences between each of the 5 card hands. For example, two seemingly weak hands may be separated only by a high card. Or perhaps one hand will hold a pair of Kings, while another hand holds two pairs of low-value cards. Players must be able to recognise – according to the poker rules – which 5 card hand is the strongest hand under the circumstances.


The most important tip in Speed Poker gaming relates to the ideal strategy to employ in the game. For starters, players must understand hand value rankings. This is essential to your success in the game. Until such time as you are able to pick the stronger hand, it is best to play this game in practice mode. 777.com provides Speed Poker games with no-money down. The left-hand column in the game displays a chip stack meter. As you correctly pick the best hands, so your chip stack increases until you hit $5. This can be seen as a practice round for all players. If you're fairly competent at picking the ranking hand, the real money mode can be selected. At 777.com, no download is required to play Speed Poker for real money.


There are 2 modes of play with Speed Poker games at 777. The first is a practice play mode and the second is a real money mode. The practice play mode can be enjoyed by following the aforementioned steps above. There are many benefits inherent in practice-play mode, including the fact that there is zero risk to players. This is a safe gaming option for players who are learning the ropes and understanding the intricacies of Speed Poker. Players have the option to turn the sound on or off, find information on what constitutes a particular hand value (by clicking on hands info), and to switch to real-money mode at any time – with no download required.

Players have multiple opportunities to safeguard their position in Speed Poker. This is done by correctly selecting hands until a specific tier has been reached. These come every $1. So, for example players can correctly choose the ranking poker hands until the $1 threshold has been reached. At that point, players will be given a poker promotional code to qualify for free bonus money on the house. This can be used for real-money gaming. Once players have reached a specific threshold, they cannot be downgraded unless they opt out of the game. There are 5 rungs to ascend, with a maximum promotional code bonus of $5. At every point along the way, players can either keep playing or get the bonus.


Speed Poker is a relatively new addition to the online casino world. The game increases in complexity as players advance to higher levels. In all instances the same hand ranking chart applies – regardless of how many hands are dealt vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The historical hand ranking for 5 card draw poker hands forms the basis of Speed Poker at 777.com. Note that there are important differences between Speed Poker games. One format of the game is simply a rapid-play Texas Holdem-style poker game where players get through hands quickly and are not required to wait for new games to start up.

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